17th of May/June 2005 + Re: Scrooge's silk hat + Re: Deadlines

Olaf Solstrand olaf at andebyonline.com
Wed May 21 01:45:41 CEST 2003

SIGVALD (who else?):
> Oh, yes! I bet they will love to see Scrooge meeting Kaiser Wilhelm in
> Berlin or elsewhere in 1905.

Ah, so this story should also contain such a meeting? This sounds like quite
a long story.

> OK, he knew about it, but he wasn't familiar with it. Besides he couldn't
> read the text.

...did you even READ the quote I gave you?

> No, what I tried to say is that Don Rosa seldom see sources, other than
> Barks, as "canon". So from his point of view there was no reason to follow
> whatever info is given in the "Don Donald" movie.

...and from Caterina Mognato's point of view there may have been no reason
to follow whatever info is given in some story by Don Rosa. That doesn't
mean she (he?) is a lousy researcher. And it certainly doesn't mean that Don
Rosa is a better researcher than her (him?), as we _have_ seen so many
examples that Don Rosa totally ignores what people have written before him
simply because they're not written by Carl Barks. (I'm not saying Mognato is
a BETTER researcher than Rosa either - I don't know her (him?) good enough
to tell. But you can certainly not blame her (him?) for being worse than Don
Rosa based on something Don Rosa have done quite a lot of!)

Olaf the Blue

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