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Sat May 24 19:55:56 CEST 2003

Most of the old-fashioned sounding phrases Carl Barks used were not of his 
invention.  Some were. Those that were, were often clever and funny variants of 
same.  For example:  "Oh, my stars!", and "Ye cats!" were sayings that were 
around long before Barks came into the World. However, he added clever 
embellishments to them, forming: "Oh my stars and garters!", and "Ye cats, and 
little fishes!"  Some of those old-fashioned sayings that he used "as is" 
(without adding embellishments) have dropped out of useage by modern people 
(except old fogies like me). But, whole new generations of Barks fans are now 
using them, keeping them alive!  He has also started a whole new group of 
sayings that would make sense only to "Duck People", such as all those that 
mention "pinfeathers". you by any chance live in The Aaland Islands (Ahvenanmaa)? If 
not, then Turku Pori? Can you trace your family history back to the Swedish 

Once again, I cannot fight off the urge to be a Sigvald Topic Spammer>  
Aaaarrrggghh! I hope in future I will have the strength to resist.

Nevertheless...For Sigvald:
The Jeg Mikke Mus book, Ik Donald Duck, and the like, were all patternd after 
Mondadori's original Italian books. The editorial staffs in the countries 
reprinting, did not want to change the original contents by having to do a lot 
of new work. Their project budgets, and production schedules would not have 
allowed that.  To have the list of Disney character names change to suit 
the "interests" of each and every of the various nationalities whose nations' 
Disney office or franchise published the book, would have been an enormous 
task. The message of the characters' names page was that Disney characters are 
known in many countries around the world, with varying cultures. Showing the 
different alphabet scripts makes that point clearer.  Almost everyone I know 
got that point, and as a child, would have been more interested in seeing the 
exotic scripts, than seeing the neighbouring country's different names in a 
script they could understand.

Again, I say,.... had I lived in Norway as a child, and I didn't have access to 
magazine shops, antikvariats and book stores in Oslo (where I have upon EVERY 
visit seen a few Danish AND Swedish Disney weeklies in at least one shop); I 
would have written to the Norwegian Editor's office.  I am sure that they would 
have had someone in the office get the information back to you. I have been 
inside their offices, and have noticed that THAT particular information is 
available there at any time (at least for all but the obsure characters). If 
they would not want to delegate to the proper person within their offices, and 
heor she wouldn't want to take the time to do it (which is likely), they would  
likely refer your question on to the Danish office (where that information is 
readily available. I am confident that you would have received the information 
you requested 9atm least for the main characters). But, had you been provided 
with those names for the neighbouring nations, INSTEAD of those exotic nations, 
and you inquired about information on THE LATTER, instead; you would never have 
seen the names of characters from the "exotic lands" in ANY form.

Rob Klein

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