Olivier mouse-ducks at
Sun May 25 11:01:17 CEST 2003

Hi everyone!


>>>I wonder if we shouldn't try to make a SECOND DCML
>>> forum for NON Disney Comics Topics, or "Tangential Topics".

Great idea!
How about making it a discussion board rather than a mailing-list?
It would make it easier to sort the messages by theme (other comics / books / Disney movies / other
movies / ...); besides, if  several topics on that list was as active as the DCML is, that would
make an awful lot of  e-mails / huge digests.
A board would also be easier to set up & manage-- but then it would take more place.
I have never seen it, but I guess it might be possible to combine a mailing list with a board, ie
have a message board with a mailing list for every main theme.

Have a nice day!


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