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Mon May 26 04:55:39 CEST 2003

Olivier said:
> A board would also be easier to set up & manage--
> but then it would take more place.
> I have never seen it, but I guess it might be possible
> to combine a mailing list with a board, ie have a 
> message board with a mailing list for every main theme.

If you all want, I'm willing to allow my Disney message board to be used
for this purpose.  The only thing I ask is that the discussions stay civil
and use little or no obscentity if possible.

The board has been in existence since January 1, 2001 for the purpose of
discussion of Disney related stuff, but the traffic varies.  It's been slow
lately and I'd love to see some traffic there.

Here is the address.

The board could also be used as a place to display Disney-related images if
you wish to share them with other DCML members.


Rich Bellacera

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