Rob Klein bi442 at
Mon May 26 21:15:51 CEST 2003

Hi everyone. It appears that Soeren's "chat room" might be difficult for some 
of us to get to.  And, others of us don't want to use a chat room.  They don't 
want to stay on line very long.  Because of this, I think Cord's generous offer 
to make his site accessible to both chatting AND just leaving an e-mail post 
(as I understand it), would be the best solution. If I understand it correctly, 
one can go there, peruse the thread titles, pick one if interested, read it, 
and make a reply post or original thread post, without registering.  I did 
that. I assume that if one sees a post he's interested in, he can copy that 
into his hard disc, and get off line quickly.  Then, he can leisurely type his 
reply, and get back on line to quickly submit it to the forum. I don't believe 
it would be necessary to have the postings sent to each off-topic "list member" 
who requests it. But Cord, please clarify that for us. Would it be possible 
also to "join a new OFF-Topic mailing list" and get daily postings sent?  
Personally, I wouldn't want THAT. I already have too much mail to sort through. 
For ME, it would be easy enough to go to Cord's sight, scan the posting titles 
quickly and see if there is anything I'm interested in (e.g. only go there when 
I see a comment at the end of an "official DCML posting that notifies readers 
that an OFF-Topic offshoot thread from this post is now moving to Cord's 
auxilliary site.  That DOES NOT mean the dcml thread will stop!!!! Nobody who 
is ONLY on original DCML will miss anything! The way I understand it (Cord, 
please clarify), those who wish to receive digest mailings or individual 
mailings of all postings on this Off-topic list, will also be given that OPTION.

It seems to me this will give those of us who are interested in the subjects 
that move to politics, history, culture, science, or other entertainment will 
now have a place to go (and not feel like guilty lecturers and/or spammers). 
However, "You said"-"No I didn't say...." and "You meant..." "I didn't mean..." 
discussions should NOT even be on Cord's board. THAT type of dialogue should be 
sent in PRIVATE E-mails, only!!!!

What do all of you think?


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