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> From: "Gerstein, David DK - ECN" <DGE at ECN.egmont.com>

> Meanwhile, the Arab use of pig characters varies with the country,
> as Jehan's research found. Publishers in Egypt, which Jehan saw as
> comparatively liberal, let a pig stay a pig. But in Gulf countries such as
> Kuwait, where the editors were more conservative, Jehan found McSwine
> redrawn with a dog's nose and other pigfaces becoming unspecified
> (still rather piglike, but with nostrils removed from their snouts).

In Indonesia, few stories featuring pig-faces have been "altered" (just like
you described, David). It happened several years ago but eventually after a
few of those, they dont do that now. One can say that they were trying
things out, the results like you said, David wasnt too pretty as the
pig-faced characters has been made loking like a pig but not truely so it
became an unspecified creature.

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