Barks and wife photograph

Daniel van Eijmeren dve at
Sat Sep 6 00:31:36 CEST 2003

UNDBKB, 05-09-2003:

> It certainly is an unusual piece but not what most Barks collectors want.
> I would much prefer to own a piece of Barks memorabilia that Barks gave 
> me than to buy this from former managers who were discharged

Just to state the obvious: I fully agree!

And I can only hope that they don't maliciously benefit from the silence 
around them. Some people who know more about the situation, have publicly 
stated it's too painful to talk about. But if I wouldn't have been *told* 
about their identity, there would have been *no way* to know that they're 
on Ebay. Someone may just think "let's bid", unaware of the strange origin. 
And maybe there are already quite some people who cherish material that 
they'd rather not have obtained in such an odd way.

I'm deeply sorry if this email already is too much. I have this question 
for years, so I finally would like to ask it. I'm rather worried and upset 
about reading this news. I can't resist thinking of these "ex-managers" as 
persons who possibly are laughing their pants off, while other people can't 
stand the pain looking at it.

--- Daniël

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