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Tue Sep 9 11:22:18 CEST 2003

MIKE DEVERY to me, 09-09-2003:

> [Treasure of Marco] very interesting!  Is there a list somewhere of 
> similarly banned stories?  For the record, this story was reprinted 
> in original format in Australia in 1974, so there were no apparent 
> problems from Disney at that stage.

I once had a list of changes in The Carl Barks Library, which gave some 
indication for the Barks stories. This list has now been integrated in 
an unfinished database, so it will take some time before I can generate 
a new updated list. 

An OLD version can be found at:
("A Cold Bargain" has been printed uncensored since then, for example.)

But again, this is only about Barks and the Carl Barks Library. I don't 
know if there a list of banned Disney stories available. I believe that 
somewhere in the mid-1990s, some attempts were done by fans. But the 
results got "banned" themselves, by other fans. The thought was that it 
might give Disney a handy list of items that may better be forgotten 
forever. (This is all from memory. Any comments are welcome.)

If there's a list of banned stories, I would like to see it, too! Either 
in public or in private, depending on the situation I just described. 

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