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Thu Sep 11 02:47:25 CEST 2003

Sigvald:> OK! But you must have failed to read the title of the story though 
(or have> Gemstone really messed this up?).

Olaf: Gemstone has not "messed this up", no. The title printed in WDCS is 
"The Three Caballeros Ride Again". (but hey, what's the big deal - everybody 
understood what story we're talking about, right?)

Exactly. How many Three Caballeros stories has Don Rosa made? :) Not too much 
room for confusion as far as understanding what one is talking about.

I missed WDC 635(currently ordering it), so I haven't read Part 1 of the 
story, but the centerpiece of Part 2 for me was when Donald, Jose and Panchito get 
up on a bar room table and sing. It made the whole story that much better and 
fit really well. And how Jose and Panchito look up to Donald at times. That's 
a change from the usual Duck story. I also liked the references to "Treasure 
of the Sierra Madre" and Monty Python. 

About US 321: While "Attaaack!" is not the usual(nowadays) Don Rosa story, 
I'm always glad when he makes these kind of comedy stories. They may not be 
filled with historical detail like his usual stories, but I think stories like 
"Attaaack!" are just as good because it shows Rosa's creativity being used in a 
different direction. Long story short: It's a nice change of pace. :)

And Carlos Mota's art on 'Dime and Dime Again Part 1': Let's just say that 
the two female office workers at the end wrere drawn rather attractively. It 
reminded me of how Carl Barks and other artists of that age may have drawn them, 
so I guess I shouldn't have been surprised when I found out that Barks had 
something to do with the plot (how much I don't know since Geoffrey Blum wrote it 
and I don't know the history behind the story). I wonder if Barks' style may 
have provided any inspiration to Mota or if he usually draws in that manner.

Derek Smith
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