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Thu Sep 11 10:46:47 CEST 2003

Timo asked:

> Does anyone know how many of these huge Best Comics 
> volumes were made in English? are they all indexed?

We have some information about Best Comics in Inducks. Six large hard-bound books, and six smaller books, also called "Best Comics". Both series are from Abbeville.

The large books' ISBN numbers:

W BCS   1  Donald Duck 1978 [ISBN 0-89659-006-2]
W BCS   2  Mickey Mouse 1978 [ISBN 0-89659-005-4]
W BCS   3  Animated Features and Silly Symphonies 1980 [ISBN 0-89659-120-4]
W BCS   4  Goofy [unknown]
W BCS   5  Uncle Scrooge [unknown]
W BCS   6  Donald and His Nephews / Huey, Dewey and Louie [unknown]

The smaller books are all from 1980:

W BC    1  MM meets Robin Hood [ISBN 0-89659-176-X]
W BC    2  DD and the Golden Helmet [ISBN 0-89659-178-6]
W BC    3  MM joins the Foreign Legion [ISBN 0-89659-175-1]
W BC    4  DD and the Magic Hourglass [ISBN 0-89659-177-8]
W BC    5  GO on Cave Man Island [ISBN 0-89659-179-4]
W BC    6  US and the Secret of the Old Castle [ISBN 0-89659-179-4]

Are reported:

> "Goofy - Best Comics" - 1979
> "Uncle Scrooge - Best Comics" - 1979

Thanks, I'll add the missing years to Inducks. And renumber the albums accordingly...

(I'll also add David's information about the various versions of the albums.)


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