DCML Digest, Vol 7, Issue 30

Kai Saarto ksaarto at mbnet.fi
Wed Sep 17 07:02:49 CEST 2003

I'm putting to this for all to see:

YMH at aol.com wrote:

>     Er... what eyes? (I'm showing my ignorance here).
> Look at the way Disney Ducks' eye pupils are drawn in different 
> places. They're seldom just black ellipses; usually they have a spot 
> of white in there to lend them dimensionality or detail or something. 
> In animation and most merchandise, the ducks' eyes have a little white 
> circle missing to make them look shiny. But in the comics, instead of 
> this little white circle, they have a triangle missing, as if someone 
> had cut a slice out of a pie. I was just saying that I happen to 
> prefer the glimmer style to the missing-pie-wedge style.

Ah, I get it now. Yes, I definetely agree. I've always kind of disliked 
the missing-pie-wedge style, too.

>     Don doing just the scripts wouldn't be the same.
> True, but it wouldn't necessarily be worse; just different.

Well, there *are* some excellent artist  that might do justice to Don's 
writing. Personally, I'd still like to see only short gag-stories drawn 
by others. Don does so much research on the graphical details of  those 
historical adventure stories that  artist-only types probably wouldn't 
be able to do (lack of time, interest of ability for extensive research).

>     But Don already explained
>     his own view of creating comics, so I don't go there.
> Oh? What is this explanation?

I am referring to his latest DCML-message. Basically it says he couldn't 
separate the writing and drawing part, since to him they are one big 
process. Doing just one wouldn't be "creating comics" to him.

- Kai Saarto

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