Who's the best?

Arie Fachrisal cien2 at cbn.net.id
Thu Sep 18 15:54:39 CEST 2003

> From: josef th?rnberg<rocker_boy_1 at hotmail.com>
> I have heard people arguing about whos best of carl barks and don
> rosa,whatdo you think??

I believe it depends on each and every people's personal subjective choice.
I, for one, dont like to compare the two of them. Comparing arts is really a
nuisance. There is no better art than other art but there are some sort of
arts that will be appreciated more by a certain segment of people and
disliked by others etc. I believe all of that is more of a personal
choice/view/opinion rather than an exact "knowledge" of which one's the

Can you name the best writer in literature history ever? Some people might
say Shakespeare, some might say the person who wrote the bible, some others
might say it's Tolkien.

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