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Olaf Solstrand olaf at
Mon Sep 22 13:45:48 CEST 2003

I wrote:
> > -- Another similar question: In Gemstone publications, Miss Typefast's 
> > name is changed to "Quackfaster" because that's her name in American.
> > But when it was said a month or two ago that Horace Horsecollar and
> > Clarabelle Cow lived in Duckburg, that was not changed to Mouseton
> > (which I assume is their hometown in American). Why not?

Gary answered:
> Simple: we didn't catch that reference to Duckburg until the story had 
> gone to press.

Ah... That's exactly what I wanted to know. For a moment there, I feared that 
Mickey had moved to Duckburg in American comics as a natural cause of Gemstone 
printing Egmont comics. So in the future, every reference to Duckburg in ECN-
Mickey-stories (which you catch) will be changed to Mouseton? Good to know.

Olaf the Blue

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