Original/rare Barks material

Daniel van Eijmeren dve at kabelfoon.nl
Tue Sep 23 02:21:55 CEST 2003

ALEX NIELSEN, 15-09-2003:

> Im trying to log the unique/original art sold at ebay + a few other sites. 
> Unfortunately its very time consuming, so I might miss a lot of them. 
> Furthermore, I try to narrow it down to the oil painting/lithograph 
> preliminaries and such items. Im also listing them on my website
> [http://www.carlbarks.ws], while only 2 items that sold are listed there 
> right now... I do have a few others comming up though !
> If you have any pointers of which sites to log, and mabe you would share 
> some of your records, to add to the site, you are quite welcome to contact 
> me.

Here's a list of the sites I know. 
I haven't visited them for a long time, though.







Do you know these sites? And do you know any other sites?

I'm *very* much interested in sharing information and files. With you and 
with others. It will take some time before I get around to it, though.

--- Daniël

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