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> > Gilles Maurice mentions that there is a real statue of
> > Cornelius Coot in  Disneyland, Florida, but there he is 
> > called Cornelius Cornhoot - not Coot
> I've been in Walt Disney World, Florida, and I stood in front of 
> the statue and took a picture of it. As far as I remember, the 
> text on the statue mentions Cornelius Coot, as it should be.
> Is Gilles wrong, or do I misremember?

The Cornelius Coot statue in Toontown Fair (one of the 
lands in Magic Kingdom (one of the theme parks at Walt 
Disney World in Florida)) is one of my favoite things in 
Walt Disney World.  It's unexpected to find something
taken directly from the comic books (instead of a movie)
and yet, there it is!  It really the only reason to go to
Toontown Fair (unless you have small children).

And I'm pretty sure it is labeled Cornelius Coot. Of 
course, the sign by the statue talks of him as the founder
of Toontown Fair (instead of the founder of Duckberg),
but that's a reasonable adjustment to the setting...

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