DCML Digest Issue 24

Don Rosa donrosa at iglou.com
Fri Aug 20 15:43:01 CEST 2004

> From: <H.W.Fluks at telecom.tno.nl>
> Subject: RE: Don Rosa in San Diego
> > #5 Don, Bob Foster, Jukka, and Riku at an Italian Restaurant: Filippis
> > http://members.aol.com:/undbkb/donbobandfins
>>> Nice photographs! Compared to Don, those Finns are huge! 8-)

Really? Yes, I think I see that being demonstrated by Riku's hand gesture
there at the restaurant.
(In Finland that gesture only means "Hi Mom!" or something. Probably. I

> it's a rather hypothetical question: if you could work closely
> together as a writer, with an artist whom you often meet, would that work?

Yes, that's a *very* hypothetical question. I've never even known any other
cartoonists, either writer or artists. Yes, a few times a year I will meet
some briefly at a convention, but even at those shows and fairs I never
"hang out" with other "professionals" -- I only associate with the
collectors and dealers like I always have for 35+ years. So, I have no
experience dealing with another cartoonist. If I had ever planned to do this
for a living, I might've had some sorts of experiences along those lines.
But if there was a comics artist that I somehow knew *very* well, who shared
all of my philosophies of what makes an enjoyable comic story, shared all my
personal views of Barks' Ducks, was willing to put as much extra effort as I
do into the art above-and-beyond-the-pay-rate, and whom I could see
virtually every day for close cooperation, in person... if, if, if... yeah,
I think I could write stories for that artist with nice results. But that
situation can never happen. Who's gonna search out such a person and force
him to move to Jeffersontown, Kentucky? Maybe Dan Shane can start brushing
up on his drawing skills.
But the resultant comic would *still* lack that extra little sparkle of
being written and drawn by a single mind.

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