Don Rosa mentioned in New York Times

Olaf Solstrand olaf.solstrand at
Tue Jan 11 05:09:40 CET 2005

If anyone's interested and didn't already know - Don Rosa was mentioned in  
an article in the New York Times Friday (January 7th).

In the article "An epic gave Finns a lot to sing about", Cori Ellison  
(dramaturge at the New York City opera) writes about Kalevala and things  
inspired by it - among them Song of Hiawatha, Lord of the Rings, the heavy  
metal band Amorphis "and "Kalevala" tarot decks, video games and comic  
books abound, including Don Rosa's "Tale of the Sampo," featuring Donald  

The article can be read here:
(requires free registration - reading the article is free as long as it is  
less than a week old.)

Olaf Solstrand

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