Scrooge and Thor

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Sun Jan 23 21:25:43 CET 2005

Mickey <mickey at> skreiv Sat, 22 Jan 2005 09:08:42 +0100

> Has anyone ever thinked about a story with Scrooge McDuck and Thor
> Heyerdahl?
> They share(d) a great thirst of knowledge and adventure.
> In the hystorical view of the Duck universe, Thor could be also inspired  
> by Scrooge's deeds.
> Scrooge might have decided to end his self-complaining period also  
> because of the news of the Kon-Tiki adventure.
> And later, both could meet each other and leave for an unsounded  
> expedition (or a known one). Similar to Scrooge/Roosevelt.
> I'm telling this because Thor is rightly popular in Norway, and a certain
> kind of Duck stories too (see the Quest for Kalevala)....

Hm ... Not sure if such a story has ever been made. The closest one I can  
think of is "Zio Paperone e il drakkar volante" (I TL 800-A), where Thor  
is mentioned, and Scrooge and the nephews escape from an island on a small  
raft, which Scrooge later exhibits under the name "Scrooge-Tiki" or  
something similar. If it hadn't been so extremely unlikely, I would have  
guessed that story was ordered specifically by the Norwegian publishers -  
almost the entire story is based on talking about famous Norwegian ships.  
Story by Martina, art by Scarpa, ink by Cavazzano.

By the way, the Norwegian translation of Rhett Butler (from Barks' "Lost  
in the Andes") was "professor Tron Dreyerdahl".


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