Indiana Pipps

David Gerstein ramapith at
Sat Oct 1 01:49:43 CEST 2005

     Hey Olaf,

     Indiana Pipps' English name is a matter of some debate. Egmont  
hasn't actually used him in a story; the one where he is credited on  
Inducks as appearing (D 2000-128) actually shows the regular Goofy  
dressed in a similar outfit. Indiana Pipps isn't in the story.
     Internally at Egmont, Pipps nevertheless does have some English  
names. He has been called both Indiana Goof (a direct translation of  
his Italian name) and Arizona Goof (his old American name, chosen  
because Disney in the USA was not legally allowed to use the name  
     For whatever it's worth, the character's modern American name is  
Arizona Dipp. I think it was either John Clark or Gary Leach who  
renamed him— it happened before I joined the staff, so I don't have  
the story behind it.
     Frankly, I think Arizona is one of those characters who hasn't  
quite been exploited right; in his first story, he was very funny  
working along with his cousin, Goofy, but more recently he's appeared  
almost exclusively with MIckey. I've even met people who thought  
Arizona WAS Goofy, because "the two never appear in the same place at  
the same time..." in truth an unintentional circumstance, I think.

     Best, David

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