Colors? raptor165 at
Tue Oct 4 02:54:52 CEST 2005

My brothers and I have a bet going as to which nephew lays claim to 
which color. They are insisting--ridiculously, of course--that Louie is 
blue, while I assure them that the correct color code is Huey=red, 
Dewey=blue, and Louie=green. We've looked it up on several reliable 
websites, and we are currently scanning our massive comic collection to 
further verify with the works of Barks, Rosa and Van Horn. However, it 
would also be a nice subsidary to have the testament of hundreds of 
loyal duck fans. $2 rides on the crest of this bet. Voices?


P.S. The "Echo" story has Donald yelling "Dewey's got a girl!" with the 
blue neph responding "I HAVE NOT!" The brothers concede defeat. 
However, what does everyone else think?

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