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Hi all!

Here are the previews for Gemstone comics coming out in December 2005 from 
Previews Vol. XV #10:

Donald Duck and Friends #335 --- While supervising the Undercook Hotel for 
the winter, Donald's nephews learn they possess a special ability called... "The 
Quackling!" It's an outrageously scary long adventure by fan favorites Pat 
and Carol McGreal and Vicar. Next, Donald wreaks havoc on a frozen lake in Carl 
Barks' 1946 classic, "The Master Ice-Fisher." And finally cab driver Goofy 
goes "To The Dogs" when he unwittingly adopts a pack of trained hounds. 7x10, 32 
pages, FC  $2.95

Mickey Mouse and Friends #284 --- "Snow Use" starts as a  Doc Static 
experiment in snow removal. But when Goofy falls into the "snow transport machine" and 
Mickey follows him, they end up in a parallel world of walking, talking, and 
very dangerous fish! Stefan Petrucha (The X-Files) and Cesar Feroli bring us 
this feature-length yarn. Then, in "Car Pool," Peter Hardfeldt's backup story, 
Donald and Goofy foolishly hire Horace to fix their cars. 7x10, 32 pages, FC  

Mickey Mouse Adventures #7 --- In Stefan Petrucha's "All About Mickey," our 
heroic mouse is idolized by little Morty Mouse, but he never guesses there's an 
otherworldly plot afoot! Then in Mark Shaw's "Ring Thrice," Daisy is 
possessed by Morgan LaFey, queen of black magic, leading Donald to undertake a 
desperate quest for the tomb of Merlin. Finnaly, in Rudy Salvagnini's "The Imperial 
Vortex," Mickey's investigation of polar magnetic phenomena leads him to a 
seemingly modern version of ancient Rome! 6x9, 128 pages, FC  $7.95

Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #664 --- Donald and family search the winter 
woods for abominable snowmen in William Van Horn's "Chimera." Don Rosa's "The 
Magnificent Seven Minus Four Caballeros" continues. Daisy and Fethry Duck 
team up for Stefan Petrucha's outrageous "Rhino Plastered," while Big Bad Wolf 
earns "Gold Stars" in a Gil Turner New Year's classic. Then it's Huey, Dewey, 
and Louie's turn to make New Year's resolutions in "All Creatures Great and 
Small," by David Gerstein and Vicar. SC, 64 pages, FC  $6.95

Uncle Scrooge #349 --- When Scrooge buys "The Doom Diamond," he and the 
Beagles get jinxed in a Carl Barks tale reprinted for the first time since 1976! 
Gyro struggles "To Supply A Demand," in a story by Kari Korhonen. Then, 
Launchpad and Donald team up in the New Year's Eve adventure "Never Say Never." 
Finally, Scrooge proves he's "Smarter Than the Toughies" in a new opus by Lars 
Jensen and Daniel Branca. SC, 64 pages, FC  $6.95

Other Disney comics released in December:

>From Slave Labor Graphics:

Haunted Mansion #2 --- Haunted Mansion $2 continues to bring you hold and 
cold running chills and wall to wall spooks! This issue features a visit to the 
mansion by Lenore, America's favorite little Dead Girl, plus the continuing 
"Manse Mystery" series, exploring the secrets of the Mansion's owners. Based on 
the classic Disney theme park attraction, this is a must-have. Cover by Roman 
Dirge. Back cover by Steven Daly. 24 pages, B&W  $2.95

>From TokyoPop:

Kingdom Hearts, Volume 2 --- Sora, Goofy, and Donald Duck encounter new 
friends, develop powerful new fighting techniques, and even find new clues about 
Maleficent's preparations to conquer all the worlds. The fate of all beings lies 
within the power of Sora's Keyblade and the strength of his heart. Manga, 144 
pages  $5.99

Chicken Little --- Our hero, Chicken Little, is on a quest to redeem himself. 
His mission is to live down that unfortuneate "acorn" incident, the one when 
he shouted, "The sky is falling!" All Chicken Little wants now is to wipe this 
humiliating incident from the town's memory forever. But just when things are 
starting to go his way, a real piece of the sky actually does fall on Chicken 
Little's head. This time the sky really is falling! But given his history of 
hysteria, who's gonna believe him?! FC, 96 pages  $7.99

And, of course, what you've all been waiting for!! ;)

Lizzie McGuire, Volume 14 --- Lizzie and her brother Matt hardly get along - 
so what will they do when they switch bodies?! Can they fool the school and 
figure out a way to change back before they are discovered? And while switching 
bodies is bad, sharing a room might be even worse! Will they learn to live 
together, or drive each other (and their family) crazy? Cine-Manga, 96 pages  


A pretty good month, it looks like. Some interesting stories. I might get 
that Kingdom Hearts book, since the upcoming game looks amazing. Steamboat Willie 
comes off surprisingly well in 3D. Maybe Square could give some tips to 
Disney's 3D animators. :p

Derek Smith
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