Yellow alert by brazilian fans - Disney Christmas 2005 ?

asaramelli asaramelli at
Thu Oct 20 00:28:40 CEST 2005

Dear DCML Friends 

We identified a very negative impact of the bad july 
decisions from our local publisher the Editora Abril : 

Next december, only readers live in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro 
and Belo horizonte are going to be able to buy Disney Comics Christmas 
Readers live in another brazilian cities, only are going be able 
to buy the magazines in February 2006, with our carnival parties ! 

Absolutely ridiculous ! 

I ask for all disney fans around the world, and specially for the Disney 
Latin American and Brasil Company to see with attention the brazilian case. 

One more time : 

We need Uncle Scrooge here in São Paulo as faster as possible. 
Like the histories, he needs to manage personally his business in Brazil ! 

If possible, with Donald and the boys ! 

Alexandre Saramelli 

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