Brazilian Christmas Issues

asaramelli asaramelli at
Thu Oct 20 18:48:37 CEST 2005

Hello Chuck Munson and everyone ! 

The top selling channel for Editora Abril is the subscriptions , 
where the magazines are delivered not by mail companies, 
they have their own logistic structure to deliver the magazines. 
For the specific Disney Comics magazines case, Editora Abril don´t 
sell it  by subscriptions since almost five years ! 

Another very important selling channel is shops (periodical boards),  and 
supermarkets , the only places where the Disney Comics magazines are selled 

For people who live elsewhere, Editora Abril is offering the possibility to 
buy the magazines by the internet, but you need to pay for the mail. 

The problem is not exactly pay for the mail. 
Because it´s more difficult to buy Disney Comics, they “gives you much more 
work”, at the same time the other comics like “Monicas Gangs”, “Menino 
Maluquinho” and “Revista Recreio”, another  magazine for children by the 
Editora Abril, are being normally distributed, by all sales channels. 

So the people buy another alternative comics, and no more buy Disney Comics. 
In my personal opinion it´s  the worst professional  marketing plan in all 
the times. 
Maybe, they don´t read Uncle Scrooge Comics ! 

Alexandre Saramelli 

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