DCML Digest, Vol 42, Issue 19 (Text Tales)

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Wed Aug 16 20:14:45 CEST 2006

Joe Torcivia wrote:

> Earlier, I said that the Postal Regulation might have brought the 
> "One-Page-Text" stories into being.  Of course, they existed in the earliest issues of WDC&S and LOONEY TUNES, etc. (Often running for more than one page). The regulation, more accurately, ensured their CONTINUANCE... probably long past the point that most of the audience read them. 
> Unrelated question: How many of you actually read these text stories when 
> they appeared? I almost never did... and only recently, when I peruse an 
> older book, do I now take the time to do so. Kinda like finding "something 
> new" wrapped inside "something old". 

Or, in the case of the text stories that ran in Harvey Comics, "something OLD" wrapped in same...  Harvey was notorious for recycling the same text stories over and over again.  I'm not sure how often Western Publishing did this, however.  My impression is that when WP did a reprint of one or more stories from a particular past issue, they often simply reprinted the text story that originally accompanied them.

Chris Barat
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