Broken Inducks-links at Wikipedia

Nuno J. Silva nunojsilva at
Tue Jun 29 00:02:31 CEST 2010

Arthur <arthurdewolf at> writes:

> Daniel wrote:
>>> At Wikipedia I found broken links to stories at Inducks.
> You can click "edit" and fix it yourself. That's the nice thing about Wikipedia.

True, Daniel can fix those for himself if he wants ;-)

As this looks like a major change in the way INDUCKS addresses are
written, I looked deeper - how many broken links are there?

Wikipedia has a "special page" to search links, and the search for
"" (which only appears in the broken
links) can be seen at

When I retrieved it, there were 67 pages linking this kind of
URL. That's too much to fix by hand!

Fortunately they're automatically generated from a template (which
inserts the ID in the address),

And I changed this page. This will fix any page using this template. The
link search still shows 66 pages. I wonder if this is due to caching or
if those need to be fixed by hand. In that case, it might be a good idea
to ask someone at wikipedia if they can replace all those links at once.

I hope this is really a needed fix and that I didn't break anything at
wikipedia :-)

Nuno J. Silva

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