DCML Digest, Vol 105, Issue 2

Alexander Mariager Nielsen alexander-antonander at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 12 19:33:24 CET 2012

I shall do that, L. Schulte! He usually response overnight - Danish time... so... well... nothing to say about that... I am just so exited every morning to check Papersera!
Well... I think, everyone can talk to him in there. It's free...
Best wishes
P.S. I actually asked him if he checks his e-mail, and reads DCML, and he still does, and he appreciates every bit of mail, he gets. So I just want to say, Don, if you listen... BEST WISHES FROM DENMARK!

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From: cato at rock.com
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Date: Sat, 11 Feb 2012 11:31:31 -0500
Subject: Contacting Don Rosa

Hello Everyone!

I received Alexander's message about contacting Don Rosa via the Italian Disney website.  Please tell Don Rosa hello and best wishes, if you (or anyone else) gets a response from him!

Best Wishes to all!

L. Schulte

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