Don Rosa stories

Wed Feb 15 13:09:31 CET 2012

Cato writes


Many thanks to Alexander of Denmark for keeping  us connected to Mr.

It would be interesting to know if he has  any ideas for future stories!

Best Wishes!

L.  Schulte
He has ideas, but sadly they won't ever be done. His ability to draw in  
fine detail has been too diminished from his eye surgery. It is unlikely we 
will  ever again see 2 artists/writers like Carl Barks and Don Rosa.
Two very intelligent guys who can both compose a great story and draw what  
they imagine. I grew up reading Carl and had the privilege to meet him, and 
Don  and I have become friends and I have thoroughly enjoyed some of his 
stories as  an adult. As someone once told me, I am the last generation to 
know the first  generation of comic creators. I guess I lived in the right era.
Barry Branvold
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