The Mickey Mouse "Universe" Guide

by David Gerstein

This document is © 1996 David Gerstein.

	This group of lists is intended to establish various locations
in which Mouse stories have been set, indicate heroes and villains
most likely to appear in those places, and give other important
information about the locations.  The lists arrange the information in
alphabetical order.  Pieces of information labeled with an asterisk
(*) refer to stories not plotted by Floyd Gottfredson: post-1943
newspaper strips (beginning with 1944's "Pluto the Spy Catcher") and
Carl Barks and Romano Scarpa comic book stories.  Please note: A
"place" is a large area such as a city or part of a country, whereas a
"site" is a smaller location in a place: for example, Mount Fishflake,
a site, is at the outer edges of Mouseton, a place.

	All newspaper strip-continuity stories referred to in this
guide are given titles.  The titles I have used are the "official"
American titles for the stories, as published in Mickey Mouse in Color
(Prescott: Another Rainbow Publishing, 1988).  Untitled Sunday gag
pages that are not part of larger stories have been noted by date.

	A very few stories have only been available to me in German
editions.  As pertaining to those stories, I have given a few
characters' names as translated directly from German; those cases are
noted as they occur (mainly in 1930-31 stories).  The names may or may
not be the same as the English ones.

	The abbreviations of American comic book titles used here
(only used for stories that made their first American appearances in
comic books) are as follows:

	MM:  Mickey Mouse.
	MMOS:  Mickey Mouse [Four Color] One-Shot.
	M+D:  Mickey and Donald.
	WDC:  Walt Disney's Comics and Stories.

(A)  MOUSETON AREA (State of Calisota, Webfoot County)

	PLACES: Codfish Cove (WDC 114)*, Duckburg, Hometown, Horner's
Corners ("Tanglefoot Pulls His Weight"), Mouseton, Mouseville ("Mickey
Mouse Outwits the Phantom Blot"), Pickleburg (WDC 72*), Pumpkinburg
(WDC 54*), Quackville (WDC 42*), Stickleville ("Mickey Mouse Outwits
the Phantom Blot").

Seven Ghosts"), Air-Mail Service ("The Mail Pilot," "The Captive
Castaways"), Amos P. Zoup Clothier's ("The Case of the Vanishing
Coats"), Ashcan Ave. ("High Society"), Bark Ave. ("Editor-in-Grief"),
Bassett Manor ("The Seven Ghosts"), Beagle Broadcasting System ("The
ÔLectro Box"), Blaggard Mansion ("Blaggard Castle"), Bowsprit Alley
("The Foreign Legion"), Brick Theatre ("Editor-in-Grief"), Canas
Carnival ("Circus Roustabout"), Castle of Dr. Grut ("The ÔLectro
Box"), Club Congo (nightclub in "An Education for Thursday"), Daily
War-Drum Office ("Editor-in-Grief"), Darkmoor Hall (M+D 6-8*), Disney
Film Studio Mouseton Division ("The Brave Little Tailor," "Robinson
Crusoe Adventure"), Dryupp University ("Land of Long Ago"), Eagle
Theatre ("Bellhop Detective"), Elegant Theatre ("Editor-in-Grief"),
Elite Amalgamated Refuse Disposal Co. ("Editor-in-Grief"), Empire
Powder Works ("The Black Crow Mystery"), Fire Station #1 ("Fireman
Mickey"), Mr. Garrett (FBI agent, "The ÔLectro Box"), Gem Airplane
Parts ("The Black Crow Mystery"), Goofy's Bowling Alley ("The ÔLectro
Box"), Hidden Valley ("Foray to Mt. Fishflake"), Hogan's Livery Stable
("The Foreign Legion"), Home of Captain Churchmouse (133 Bowsprit
Alley in "Mickey Mouse Sails for Treasure Island"), Homes of the Ducks
(Duckburg*), Homes of Mickey and his friends, Hot Flash Advertising
Agency ("Mickey Mouse Supersalesman"), Kat Nipp's Shack, Katz Grocery
Co. ("Tanglefoot Pulls his Weight"), Liberty Belle Hotel ("Bellhop
Detective"), Magookus & Co. Camera Supplies ("Mickey Mouse Outwits the
Phantom Blot"), Mammoth Circus ("Goofy and Agnes"), Minnie's Father's
Farm ("Lost on a Desert Island," "Mr. Slicker and the Egg Robbers"),
Morpheus Hall ("Hoppy the Kangaroo"), Mount Fishflake, Mousepark Villa
("The Miracle Master"), Mouseton Police Station, Mouseton Prison
("High Society" and "The Great Orphanage Robbery"), Municipal Field
("Oscar the Ostrich"), Old Mortimer Estate (AKA Dandruff on the Knob;
"In Death Valley"), Muggins' Department Store ("Mickey Mouse Outwits
the Phantom Blot"), Old Dark Cavern ("The Man of Tomorrow"*), Phantom
Blot's Hideout ("Mickey Mouse Outwits the Phantom Blot"), Phree Air
Co. ("Working to Win"), Ritz-Duff Hotel ("An Education for Thursday"),
Ritzee Hat Shoppe (MMOS 79*), Romano's Records (MM 254-255*), Sailors'
and Merchants' National Bank ("Monarch of Medioka"), Second Hand Shop
("The Miracle Master"), Stickleville General Store ("Mickey Mouse
Outwits the Phantom Blot"), Sylvester Shyster Law Office ("In Death
Valley"), Thomas Topper's Hats (M+D 6-8*), Town Square Fairground
(Oscar the Ostrich"), U-Drive Horseshoe Nail Co. ("Mickey Mouse
Supersalesman"), Underground Plane Factory ("Mickey Mouse on a Secret
Mission"), Wahoo Radio and Express Co. ("Hoppy the Kangaroo"), Whoosit
Mansion (at 72 Verbena Blvd.; MMOS 79*), Will Butt's Music Shop
(Jan. 1931 gags), Zoo ("Bobo the Elephant", "Oscar the Ostrich",
"Goofy and Agnes").

	NATIVE HEROES: A. B. Squeele ("Mickey Mouse Supersalesman"),
Abie (seal, "Circus Roustabout"), Adam (giraffe, "Circus Roustabout"),
Agnes (lion, "Goofy and Agnes"), Albemarle Mouse ("Mickey's
Great-Grandfather"*), Algernon (mule, "In Death Valley"), [Uncle] Amos
P. Zoup ("The Case of the Vanishing Coats"), Andy the Janitor
("Bellhop Detective"), [unnamed] Antique Dealer ("The Miracle
Master"), Barke and Howell ("The Crazy Crime Wave"), Barnacle Bill the
Sailor ("Katt Nipp"), Mr. Barnling (circus manager, "Bobo the
Elephant"), [Colonel] Bassett ("The Seven Ghosts"), [Goofy's cousin]
Batts (11/22/36), [Major] Beagle (head of the Secret Service, "The
Foreign Legion"), [unnamed] Bill Collector ("The Crazy Crime Wave"),
Black Brian ("The Ghost of Black Brian"*), Black Lightning (greyhound,
"Pluto the Racer"), Bobo the Elephant, Bombo (monkey, "Circus
Roustabout"), [Colonel] Boomasnicker ("Bellhop Detective"), [Dr.]
B. Rainwasher the Psychiatrist (MM 256*), [Judge] Bull
("Editor-in-Grief"), Buster (bacteria, "The ÔLectro Box"), Butch, Cal
Cabway ("An Education for Thursday"), [Inspector] Casey, Charlie Horse
("Circus Roustabout"), Chief O' Hara, [elderly] Chimpanzee (unnamed in
German, "Mr. Slicker and the Egg Robbers"), Mr. Chipper ("Mickey Mouse
Supersalesman"), [Captain] Churchmouse, [Prof.] Cicero Webster the
Ventriloquist ("The Ventriloquist"), Clarabelle Cow, Congoliers (band,
"An Education for Thursday"), Control Seven ("Mickey Mouse on a Secret
Mission"), Corporal Gee-Eye (St. Bernard dog, "Pluto the Spy
Catcher"*), Crusher Crunch (MM 254-255*), Daily Explosion staff
("Mickey Mouse Boxing Champion"), [unnamed] [Captain] Doberman,
Dogcatcher ("Pluto's Rival"), Donald Duck, Douglas Heed-Martin
("Mickey Mouse on a Secret Mission"), [Prof.] Dustibones ("Land of
Long Ago"), Eega Beeva*, Ellsworth the Magpie (4/30/50 and many Scarpa
stories*), Ermyntrude ("Bellhop Detective"), Ezra Beeble ("Bellhop
Detective"), Mrs. Fieldmouse (Mickey's older sister and mother of
Morty and Ferdy, first name never given, "Mickey's Nephews"),
Mr. Foozle ("Editor-in-Grief"), Mr. Frizzlewhiskers (12/4/32),
[Italian] Fruitseller (various stories), Mr. Fussmore ("Hoppy the
Kangaroo"), General Schnauzer ("The Mail Pilot"), Genevieve ("Bellhop
Detective"), [Farmer] Gideon Goat (11/18/34), Gloomy, Goofy, [Mickey's
Uncle] Gudger,* Hermlock Shlomes (German name, "Mr. Slicker and the
Egg Robbers"), [Prof.] Hito (MM 254-55*), Hizzoner the Mayor (no other
name given and not Mayor Scott; "Goofy and Agnes"), Hoppy the
Kangaroo, Horace Horsecollar, Hortense ("Bellhop Detective"),
Mrs. Houndsear ("High Society"), I. Q. McFoozle ("Mickey Mouse
Supersalesman"), Ira Bloop ("Mickey Mouse Supersalesman"), [Uncle]
Jasper Mouse (never actually shown, "Service with a Smile"), Jasper
Snoopbones ("Bellhop Detective"), Jeeves ("The Gleam"), Jiminy Cricket
("Li'l Davy"*), [Dr.] J. M. Redundant M. S. Ph. D. ("The ÔLectro
Box"), Joe (taxi driver, "Mickey Mouse Outwits the Phantom Blot"), Joe
Winderpaine ("Mickey Mouse Supersalesman"), Johnny Jitter ("Billy the
Mouse"*), Johnny Skye ("The Crazy Crime Wave"), J. P. Grogan ("Love
Trouble"), Mr. Klumph ("Bellhop Detective"), [Prof.] Knuckles
(referred to only, "Pluto the Pup"), Leavenworth Lee ("The Kid
Gang"*), Li'l Davy,* Mac MacCorker ("The Brave Little Tailor" and
"Mickey Mouse Meets Robinson Crusoe"), Mac McCrackenpot ("Mickey Mouse
Supersalesman"), Madeline Mouse ("Love Trouble"), [Minnie's Aunt]
Marissa ("Aunt Marissa"*), [Councilman] McGoober ("Goofy and Agnes"),
McSnoop ("Editor-In-Grief"), Mlle. Maltese ("Circus Roustabout"),
Manfred Mouse (Minnie's nephew, 11/28/37), Martin Muskrat the Botanist
("Katt Nipp"), [Uncle] Maximilian Mouse ("The House of Mystery"*),
Mayne Fondue (MM 254-55*), Mr. McMac (in German, Jan. 1931 gags),
Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Minnie's Parents (unnamed in German,
"Mr. Slicker and the Egg Robbers"), Morty and Ferdy Fieldmouse,
Mullins (policeman, "The ÔLectro Box"), Ophal Dizzy Esq. (Goofy's
uncle, 11/14/37), Mr. Opkay (policeman, "Tanglefoot Pulls His
Weight"), O'Rourke ("Editor-in-Grief"), [unnamed feline] Orphan ("The
Great Orphanage Robbery"), [Prof.] Orville Schlung ("The Man of
Tomorrow"*), Oscar the Ostrich, [unnamed] Patent Attorney ("The
ÔLectro Box"), Patricia Pig, [Dr.] Patson (in German, "Mr. Slicker and
the Egg Robbers"), [Jewish] Pawnshop Owner ("Oscar the Ostrich"),
Phineas Phinagle ("The House of Mystery"*), Percy Pig, Pflip the
Thnuckle-Booh*, Philip Pupp ("High Society"), Pluto, [Lord]
Poochfeathers ("High Society"), Pop Weezil ("Fireman Mickey"),
Ringmaster ("Circus Roustabout"), Robinson Crusoe (no other name
given, "Mickey Mouse Meets Robinson Crusoe"), Ruffhouse Rat ("Mickey
Mouse Boxing Champion"), Salamander (goat, "Oscar the Ostrich"), Sam
("Pluto the Racer"), [Mayor] Scott ("The Crazy Crime Wave"),
Second-Hand Dan ("The Crazy Crime Wave"), [egotistical] Sergeant ("The
Seven Ghosts"), Silas Perkins ("Mickey Mouse Outwits the Phantom
Blot"), Mr. Slicker, Slippery Sam Snicklefritz ("Bellhop Detective"),
Snookums (valuable dog, "Society Dog Show"), Snoopnose (bloodhound,
"The Foreign Legion"), Mr. Snuvvly ("Bellhop Detective"), Squeakie
Squirrel ("Mr. Slicker and the Egg Robbers"), Tanglefoot, Terry
(puppy, "Pluto's Rival"), Thomas Topper (M+D 6-8*), Mrs. Tickett ("The
ÔLectro Box"), Timothy Shoebuckle and his wife ("Pluto the Racer"),
Tiny (Minnie's huge dog in Jan. 1931 gags), Umbrage (gorilla, "Mickey
Takes Umbrage"*), Mr and Mrs. Uppakrust ("Editor-in-Grief", "The
Gleam"), Mrs. Van Buzem ("Editor-in-Grief"), Mrs. Van Snoot ("The
Gleam"), Mrs. Van Astorocks ("Love Trouble"), Mr. and Mrs. Van Swank
("The Gleam"), Wienie (dachshund, "Lost on a Desert Island" and
"Mr. Slicker and the Egg Robbers"), Will Butt (Jan. 1931 gags),
[unnamed] Winemaker ("Kat Nipp"), [Goofy's] Uncle Wombat ("Uncle
Wombat's Tick-Tock Time Machine"*), Zowie (greyhound, "Pluto the

Box"), [unnamed female] Accomplice (MMOS 79*), Ambrose Bones ("Circus
Roustabout"), Angel-Face (crook, "Editor-in-Grief"), Auctioneer ("Bobo
the Elephant"), Mr. Beever the Philanthropist ("Goofy and Agnes"),
[Creamo Catnera's] Boxing Manager ("Mickey Mouse Boxing Champion"),
Mr. Brindle ("Pluto the Racer"), Bull (crook, "Editor-in-Grief"),
[Councilman] Cattfur ("Editor-in-Grief"), Communist revolutionaries
("Tanglefoot Pulls His Weight"), Counterfeiters ("The Crazy Crime
Wave"), Creamo Catnera and his midget brother ("Mickey Mouse Boxing
Champion"), Mr. Crooks (attorney, "Race for Riches"), Dan the
Dogcatcher, [unnamed] Dogcatcher ("Bobo the Elephant"), Dudley
Mousegomery (secretly the Gleam), Dutch (crook, "Editor-In-Grief"),
[Profs.] Ecks, Doublex and Triplex ("Blaggard Castle"), Drusilla ("The
House of Mystery"*), Eli Squinch, Flubb the Dogcatcher ("Goofy and
Agnes"), Gazopp Liniment salesmen ("Foray to Mt. Fishflake"), Growlio
(gorilla, "Hoppy the Kangaroo"), [Dr.] Grut ("The ÔLectro Box"),
Harvey Whoosit (MMOS 79*), [Mr. Slicker's] Henchmen ("Mr. Slicker and
the Egg Robbers"), [Commissioner] Hogg ("Editor-in-Grief"), Jamni
(phony circus wildman in "An Education for Thursday"), Jeremiah Jemson
("The House of Mystery"*), Joe Piper ("The Plumbers' Helper"),
[unnamed] Judge ("An Education for Thursday"), Kat Nipp, Mr. Lamb
("The Syndicate of Crime"), [unnamed] Landlord ("Mr. Slicker and the
Egg Robbers"), Martha Mousegomery ("The Gleam"), Mr. McKatz ("The
Plumbers' Helper"), Mr. Millionbucks ("The Case of the Vanishing
Coats"), Montmorency Rodent ("Love Trouble"), Mortimer Mouse
("Mickey's Rival"), O. D. Bodkins the Sheriff ("Oscar the Ostrich"),
Old Man Dedbeet ("Service with a Smile"), Pete, The Phantom Blot,
Mr. Pinscher (landlord, "Pluto the Racer"), Pug and his partner
("Pluto the Racer"), Racetrack Gamblers ("Mickey Mouse and his Horse
Tanglefoot"), The Rhyming Man ("The Atombrella and the Rhyming Man"),
Rich Hogg (wealthy spy, MM 254-55*), [Colonel] Rolf Rolfe ("Mickey
Mouse and his Horse Tanglefoot"), Ropscopchek (policeman, 12/27/36),
The Seven Ghosts (actually disguised smugglers), Shadow (in German,
rabid ape, "Mickey Mouse Boxing Champion"), Spike Banta ("Gangland"*),
Swifty (MM 256*), Sylvester Shyster, Tony Dinero ("Oscar the
Ostrich"), "Trigger" Hawkes ("The Foreign Legion"), [Prof.] Zippo
("Circus Roustabout").

	IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The Mouseton area is the center of the
Mouse universe as originally developed by Floyd Gottfredson.  The name
"Mouseton" was apparently originated by Disney Comics for new stories
in 1990, but has been used in "recap" panels for serialized
Gottfredson stories reprinted since then.  Gottfredson referred to the
town as simply "Hometown" in early strips, then briefly used
"Mouseville"; however, that name has been used extensively for the
home town of Paul Terry's Mighty Mouse in recent years, so it isn't
used by Disney today.
	Mousepark Villa no longer exists; after being created through
magical means at the site of the city dump, it was magically
demolished as well.
	The division of the Disney Studio in Mouseton is treated as a
live-action studio at which Mickey occasionally works with an acting
troupe, thus Ôexplaining' his appearances in films.  But just because
the films in which Mickey acts portray fabricated stories, that
doesn't mean that the actors aren't like the personalities they play.
For example, Friday, an authentic bushman from an island near Africa,
came to act at the studio in "Mickey Mouse Meets Robinson Crusoe."
Despite the fact that the Crusoe story that was shown in the strip
didn't "really" occur, Friday's friendship with Mickey was, naturally,
referred to as fact in the later story, "An Education for Thursday".
(Strangely, the real "offscreen" identity of Robinson Crusoe himself
in "Mickey Mouse Meets Robinson Crusoe" is never given!)
	The Liberty Belle Hotel is not in Mouseton; it is a short trip
away.  The town it is actually in is never mentioned, but is
presumably not too far from Webfoot County. (Mickey's train trip there
in the story "Bellhop Detective" appeared to be only a brief journey
from Mouseton.)
	Blaggard Mansion was partly blown up at the conclusion of
"Blaggard Castle," leaving some of it wrecked.  Professors Ecks,
Doublex, and Triplex were hypnotically brainwashed and reformed, but
according to recent stories produced by the Disney Studio, they
eventually turned back to crime.
	Silas Perkins is referred to as Silas "Haymow" in one panel of
"Mickey Mouse Outwits the Phantom Blot" (in the 7/29/39 strip).  The
name was obviously relettered between original writing and
publication, but whoever did it didn't change the character's name
anywhere else.  The name Perkins stands.
	In several of the earliest stories Mickey lives and works at
Minnie's father's farm.  The farm -- and Minnie's family -- didn't
appear again after the first year of the strip.
	Madeline Mouse in 1941's "Love Trouble" (who briefly calls
herself Millicent Van Giltmouse) is identified as being Mickey's
"cousin from the city."  Exactly which city is meant is never
identified, but it presumably isn't too far from Mouseton as she takes
a train, not a flight, to return there.  For practical purposes, she
is listed among Mouseton area residents here.
	Buster the bacteria was enlarged, using a special device, from
invisible size to four feet in height.  However, he was later shrunken
back to normal size.
	The Mammoth Circus and the Canas Carnival are presumably
stationed only occasionally in Mouseton, but for practical purposes
are listed here.

Mickey Mouse stories are set at least partly in the Mouseton area; in
this way, they differ from the Barks Duck stories, many of which begin
and end in other countries or areas.  At the present time, I will
refrain from listing all the newspaper strip stories with Mouseton
settings; the list would contain nearly every Gottfredson story.
	The comic book stories referred to in section (A) are: MM
254-55 ("Kali's Nail") and M+D 6-8 ("The Blot's Double Mystery") by
Romano Scarpa, and MMOS 79 ("The Riddle of the Red Hat") by Carl


	PLACES: [unidentified] Campground ("Mickey Mouse and the
Gypsies"), Camp Phooey ("Unhappy Campers"), Midwest (exact location
unspecified, "The Black Crow Mystery"), Sloppy Hollow ("Dr. Oofgay's
Secret Serum").

	IMPORTANT SITES: Blimp Farm ("The Black Crow Mystery"), Dusty
Lake ("Dr. Oofgay's Secret Serum"), Gypsy Campground ("Mickey Mouse
and the Gypsies"), [unnamed] Lake ("Mickey Mouse and the Gypsies").

	NATIVE HEROES: Mr. and Mrs. Blimp ("The Black Crow Mystery"),
Farmer Reutabaga ("The Black Crow Mystery"), [various] Farmers ("The
Black Crow Mystery"), Kitty Reutabaga ("The Black Crow Mystery"),
Dr. Oofgay ("Dr. Oofgay's Secret Serum").

	NATIVE VILLAINS OR ANTAGONISTS: [Trained] Bear ("Mickey Mouse
and the Gypsies"), The Crow (actually a disguised madman, "The Black
Crow Mystery"), Fish Warden ("Dr. Oofgay's Secret Serum"), [unnamed]
Gypsies ("Mickey Mouse and the Gypsies"), Gypsy Queen ("Mickey Mouse
and the Gypsies"), Zingo ("Mickey Mouse and the Gypsies").

	IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Dr. Oofgay, who experiments with
medicine, often tests it on the animals of Dusty Lake.  Where he has
his home and laboratory is unknown, but presumably not far away from
Dusty Lake.  (He has a German accent, but a scientist still owning a
home in Europe would hardly travel all the way to this country just
for the resources of rural Sloppy Hollow!)
	The lake at which Mickey, Minnie, Clarabelle, and Horace met
the Gypsies in the 1931 adventure "Mickey Mouse and the Gypsies" is
never named, but it could also be Dusty Lake.  Some of the Gypsies are
not individually hostile to Mickey and his friends; however, I have
classed all the Gypsies as villains because, under orders from their
Queen, they do all fight against Mickey (some of them unwillingly).
The Queen and her accomplice Zingo can be considered far more evil
than the others.
	At one point during World War II Mickey worked on the Blimp
Farm, which was not located near Mouseton but in a rural area never
identified.  The local villain, the Black Crow, was actually a
disguised person who, due to a psychotic hatred for farmers, dressed
as a huge corn-eating bird and made arson attacks on farms.  He was
eventually captured.

"Dr. Oofgay's Secret Serum", "Mickey Mouse and the Gypsies", "Unhappy


	PLACES: Be-Junior ("Be-Junior and the Aints"*), Plunderville
("The Mail Pilot"), Sky Island ("Island in the Sky"), Unnlax ("Hoosat
from Another Planet"*).

	IMPORTANT SITES: The Admiral's Throne Room (in Plunderville),
[Dr. Einmug's] Avi-Auto, [Dr. Einmug's] Laboratory.

	NATIVE HEROES: Aints ("Be-Junior and the Aints"*), Dr. Einmug,
Faceless People ("Be-Junior and the Aints"*), Ohm-Eye ("Hoosat from
Another Planet"*).


	IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Plunderville was a miniature village
inside a huge pirate dirigible run by Sylvester Shyster.  In the story
"The Mail Pilot" Mickey captured Shyster, Pete, and the entire crew of
pirates and brought the dirigible to earth, at which point
Plunderville presumably ceased to exist.  (Note: A single strip in
"The Mail Pilot" accidentally refers to the village as ÔPlunderland,'
but this is the letterer's error.)

"Hoosat from Another Planet"*, "Island in the Sky", "The Mail Pilot".


	PLACES: [Revolutionary] America ("Uncle Wombat's Tick-Tock
Time Machine"), Dead Man's Isle ("The Pirate Ghostship"*), Flower
Kingdom ("Uncle Wombat's Tick-Tock Time Machine"), The Haunted
Latitudes ("The Pirate Ghostship"*), Mekkakia ("The World of
Tomorrow"*), Midwest (specific place not given, "Race for Riches"),
[Future version of] Mouseton ("The World of Tomorrow"*), [Ancient]
Rome ("Uncle Wombat's Tick-Tock Time Machine"), Worcester MA ("The
ÔLectro Box").
	IMPORTANT SITES: Mekkakia War College ("The World of

	NATIVE HEROES: Birdie the Raven ("The Pirate Ghostship"*),
[Inspector] Clew Gluesome ("The World of Tomorrow"*), Durham Cow
(Clarabelle's grandfather, "Race for Riches"), [Talking] Flowers
("Uncle Wombat's Tick-Tock Time Machine"), Howan Dawg (Goofy's
deceased uncle, "The Crazy Crime Wave"), Jackleg Jenkins ("The Pirate
Ghostship"*), Jonathan Tobias Mouse (Mickey's ancestor, "The ÔLectro
Box"), Josh (Goofy's great-great-great-grandfather, "The ÔLectro
Box"), Mimi the Mekka Girl ("The World of Tomorrow"*), [Professor]
Numbspiegel ("The World of Tomorrow"*), [Island] Princess ("The Pirate

("The House of Mystery"*), Black John ("The Pirate Ghostship"*),
Bluebeard Brown ("The House of Mystery"*), Buzzard Squinch ("Race for
Riches"), Deadhead Dan ("The Pirate Ghostship"*), Greatbeard (ancestor
of Pete, "The Pirate Ghostship"*), Indians ("The ÔLectro Box"), Mickey
Jr. (robot, "The World of Tomorrow"*), Monster of M'hunga ("The Pirate
Ghostship"), Natives ("The Pirate Ghostship"*), Royal Crocodile ("The
Pirate Ghostship"*), Sashweight Sal ("The House of Mystery"*),
Silverfish ("The Pirate Ghostship"*), Whale ("The Pirate Ghostship"*).

	IMPORTANT INFORMATION: "Buzzard" Squinch, a disreputable
frontier character and ancestor of modern villain Eli Squinch, was a
member of a wagon train also containing Clarabelle Cow's pioneer
ancestor Durham Cow.  During the comic story "Race for Riches,"
Clarabelle reveals that Durham carried the Cow name to the American
West Coast, where he later passed away (leaving a treasure that Mickey
and Horace would later dig up).
	Mickey, transported back in time in the supernatural Haunted
Latitudes, met Greatbeard the Pirate (an ancestor of Pete) in the
story, "The Pirate Ghostship".  Greatbeard died at the conclusion of
this story: absconding with a treasure chest, he was buried under

House of Mystery"*, "The ÔLectro Box", "The Pirate Ghostship"*, "Race
for Riches", "Uncle Wombat's Tick-Tock Time Machine"*, "The World of


	PLACES: Concavia ("A Fatal Occupation"*), Genieland ("The
Miracle Master"), Kingdom of the Little People ("The Magic Shoe"*),
	IMPORTANT SITES: Genie's home ("The Miracle Master"), Miracle
Master's Palace ("The Miracle Master").

	NATIVE HEROES: Genie and relatives ("The Miracle Master"), Gus
and Jaq ("Mousepotamia"*).

	NATIVE VILLAINS OR ANTAGONISTS: Iron Mask ("Mousepotamia"*),
King of the Leprechauns ("The Magic Shoe"*).

	IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Gus and Jaq, mice more frequently seen
on Grandma Duck's farm, appeared in the lost medieval country of
Mousepotamia in a 1950 strip sequence.  Their appearance here
contradicts all their other comic appearances.
	It is not known if Moook the Tibetan genie (see category J)
was once a resident of Genieland.

Magic Shoe"*, "The Miracle Master", "Mousepotamia"*.


	PLACES: Cannibal Island ("Lost on a Desert Island"), Cave-Man
Island ("The Land of Long Ago"), [Dr. Vulter's uncharted] Island ("The
Pirate Submarine"), Moola-La ("The Isle of Moola-La"*), Takooli Island
("The Captive Castaways"), Treasure Island ("Mickey Mouse Sails for
Treasure Island").

	IMPORTANT SITES: Lady Daffodil (ship, "Mighty Whale-Hunter"),
Orca (ship, "Mighty Whale-Hunter"), [Dr. Vulter's] Pirate Submarine,
Pot Luck (ship, "Mickey Mouse Sails for Treasure Island"), Ruthie
R. (ship, "The Pirate Ghostship"*), S. S. Borzow (ship, "The Pirate

	NATIVE HEROES: Amalgamated Cannery Representatives ("Mighty
Whale-Hunter"), [unnamed] Captain of the Lady Daffodil ("Mighty
Whale-Hunter"), Cannibal King ("Mickey Mouse Sails for Treasure
Island"), Cannibals ("Mickey Mouse Sails for Treasure Island"),
Cygnets ("Lost on a Desert Island"), [unnamed] Female Whale ("Mighty
Whale-Hunter"), Hi See (cook, "Mighty Whale-Hunter"), Khan Dhoo ("The
Isle of Moola-La"*), Nesting Mother Bird ("Lost on a Desert Island"),
Oompa (caveman, "The Land of Long Ago"), Pedro ("Mighty
whale-Hunter"), [unnamed practical joking] Sailor ("Mighty

Whale-Hunter"), Bear ("Lost on a Desert Island"), Cannibals ("Lost on
a Desert Island"), Cavemen ("Land of Long Ago"), Dinosaurs ("Land of
Long Ago"), Hickup ("The Captive Castaways"), Lion ("Lost on a Desert
Island"), Saber-toothed Tiger ("Land of Long Ago"), Smugglers ("The
Captive Castaways"), Storks ("Lost on a Desert Island"), Tiger ("Lost
on a Desert Island"), Dr. Vulter ("The Pirate Submarine").

	IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Captain Churchmouse was a castaway on
Treasure Island for many years.  He had amnesia during this time,
going under the name of Bill Shakespeare and becoming the priest to a
tribe of local cannibals.  The cannibals themselves later became
friends of Mickey, abandoning their original plans to devour him.  The
Cannibal King was given the name "King Kokonut" in some merchandise
items in the mid-1930s which featured him; however, this name never
appeared in comics.
	NOTE: For characters relating to the stories "Mickey Mouse
Meets Robinson Crusoe" and "An Education for Thursday", see the AFRICA
category, as the islands in those stories were specifically mentioned
as being located near there.

"The Isle of Moola-La"*, "The Land of Long Ago", "Lost on a Desert
Island", "Mickey Mouse Sails for Treasure Island", "Mighty
Whale-Hunter", "The Pirate Submarine".


	PLACES: Cayuse Junction ("Lair of Wolf Barker"), Death Valley
("Mickey Mouse in Death Valley"), Inferno Gulch ("Lair of Wolf
Barker", "The Bat Bandit of Inferno Gulch"), Itching Gulch ("Itching
Gulch"*), Lost Hope ("Billy the Mouse"*), Nugget Gulch ("The Sheriff
of Nugget Gulch"), Poison Wells ("Mickey Mouse in Death Valley"),
Prickly Heat (in the state of Wyozona, "The Bar-None Ranch"), Squeaky
Springs ("Race for Riches").

	SITES: Golden Comet Ltd. (train, "The Bar-None Ranch"),
Dead-End Canyon (in Prickly Heat, "The Bar-None Ranch"), Fountain of
Youth ("Itching Gulch"*), Gory Gorge ("Billy the Mouse"*), Inferno
Gulch Bank ("The Bat Bandit of Inferno Gulch"), Lazy Daisy Ranch
("Billy the Mouse"*), Poison Wells Café ("Mickey Mouse in Death
Valley"), Pyramid Rock ("Race for Riches"), Rattler's Rest Soft Drink
Emporium ("Billy the Mouse"*), The Red Nose Saloon ("Sheriff of Nugget
Gulch"), Uncle Mortimer's Ranch (in Inferno Gulch), Zoot Sioux Indian
Reservation ("Billy the Mouse"*).

	NATIVE HEROES: Bob Harrier ("Lair of Wolf Barker"), Capistrano
(cow, "Billy the Mouse"*), [Cousin] Carrie ("Billy the Mouse"*),
Mr. Chinky (Chin in reprints, "The Bat Bandit of Inferno Gulch"), Chow
Mein ("Lair of Wolf Barker"), Frenchy (chef, "Mickey Mouse in Death
Valley"), Deputy Hank ("Mickey Mouse in Death Valley"), Don Poocho
("Lair of Wolf Barker"), [Sheriff] Fuddlewitz ("Race for Riches"),
Handlebar Hank Hawkins ("The Bar-None Ranch"), [unnamed] Indian ("Race
for Riches"), [unnamed] Indians ("Mickey Mouse in Death Valley"),
Sheriff Joe Dumbrow ("The Bat Bandit of Inferno Gulch"), King Silver
(horse, "Billy the Mouse"*), Knothead (horse, "Billy the Mouse"*),
[Aunt] Matilda Mouse ("Sheriff of Nugget Gulch"), [Uncle] Mortimer
Mouse, Old Man Laramie ("Billy the Mouse"*), Steamboat (horse),
Tapioca (horse, "The Bar-None Ranch"), Warpaint (horse, "The Bar-None
Ranch"), Yoyo ("Billy the Mouse"*).

	NATIVE VILLAINS OR ANTAGONISTS: [Lawyer] Beamish ("Billy the
Mouse"), Brakeman ("Mickey Mouse in Death Valley"), Butch and partner
("Mickey Mouse in Death Valley"), Don Jollio (the Bat Bandit), Grizzly
Gus ("The Bar-None Ranch"), Pauncho Malarky ("Sheriff of Nugget
Gulch"), Poison Wells Sheriff ("Mickey Mouse in Death Valley"), Pug
("Mickey Mouse in Death Valley"), Red Mike ("The Bat Bandit of Inferno
Gulch"), [unnamed German] Professor ("The Bar-None Ranch"), Two-Finger
Frank ("Billy the Mouse"), Vigilante Leader ("Sheriff of Nugget
Gulch"), Wolf Barker ("Lair of Wolf Barker").

	IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Minnie's Uncle Mortimer Mouse, a cattle
mogul, owns several ranches; one in this country (in Inferno Gulch)
and one in Sydney, Australia.  Uncle Mortimer's Australian connections
have never been described or used as the focus for a story in
newspaper strips or comic books.
	It is unknown whether Minnie's Aunt Matilda Mouse in Nugget
Gulch is any relation to Minnie's Uncle Mortimer in Inferno Gulch.
Minnie's uncle in Nugget Gulch is frequently mentioned in "The Sheriff
of Nugget Gulch," but never seen or called by name.  The bibliography
at the end of Mickey Mouse in Color (Another Rainbow Publishing:
Prescott, 1988) erroneously states that "Sheriff of Nugget Gulch"
takes place on Uncle Mortimer's ranch; it does not, and Aunt Matilda's
(and the unknown uncle's) home does not seem to be adjoining a ranch
at all in that story.
	Handlebar Hank Hawkins is occasionally referred to as
Handlebar Harry during the story "The Bar-None Ranch".  This is
obviously the letterer's mistake; for the majority of the story, the
character is called Hank.

Bat Bandit of Inferno Gulch", "Billy the Mouse"*, "Itching Gulch"*,
"Lair of Wolf Barker", "Mickey Mouse in Death Valley", "Race for


	PLACES: Dassis Ali ("The Foreign Legion"), Egypt ("The Moook
Treasure"*), Kooshmirh (11/11/34), Raghbagh ("The Sacred Jewel", Tibet
("The Moook Treasure"*), Umbrellastan ("The Sacred Jewel").

	SITES: Caferel ("The Sacred Jewel"), Foreign Legion Outpost
(in Dassis Ali, "The Foreign Legion"), Sikh Abed Oasis (in Dassis Ali,
"The Foreign Legion"), Stumbool (in Umbrellastan, "The Sacred Jewel").

	NATIVE HEROES: Caliph Houv-Ya-Ben of Umbrellastan ("The Sacred
Jewel"), Corporal Hank ("The Foreign Legion"), [unnamed] Foreign
Legion Colonel ("The Foreign Legion"), Moook (genie, "The Moook
Treasure"), Old Soakh (camel, "The Sacred Jewel"), Peikh Abou ("The
Foreign Legion").

Sacred Jewel"), Grand High Emissaries #1 and #2 ("The Sacred Jewel"),
Mhildhu Tribe (never actually seen, "The Foreign Legion"), Prince
Kashdown ("The Sacred Jewel"), Yussuf Aiper ("The Foreign Legion"),

	IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Bandit chief Yussuf Aiper joined up
with Foreign Legion sergeant Pete and "Trigger" Hawkes when they
planned to ambush their own privates, but when Mickey defeated the
scheme (in "Mickey Mouse in the Foreign Legion") Pete escaped, leaving
Aiper to be captured and imprisoned.  Aiper vowed that his band would
one day do away with Pete in revenge, but this never occured.

Legion", "The Moook Treasure"*, "The Sacred Jewel".


	PLACES: Canadian Forests ("The Great Orphanage Robbery"),
Hidden River ("The Mystery at Hidden River"), Rock Ledge ("The Captive

	SITES: Hidden River Logging Company ("The Mystery at Hidden
River"), Palumawalsy Indian Village ("The Mystery at Hidden River"),
Mounted Police Prison ("The Great Orphanage Robbery"), Rock Ledge
Mining Co. ("The Captive Castaways"), [Shyster's] Cabin ("The Great
Orphanage Robbery"), Tavern ("The Great Orphanage Robbery").

	NATIVE HEROES: Bear ("The Great Orphanage Robbery"), [unnamed]
G-Man ("The Mystery at Hidden River"), [Dutch] Logger ("The Mystery at
Hidden River"), Palumawalsy Indian Tribe ("The Mystery at Hidden
River"), Rising Full Moon ("The Mystery at Hidden River"), [unnamed]
Rock Ledge Townspeople ("The Captive Castaways"), [Chief]
Snooze-on-the-Job (not actually seen, "The Mystery at Hidden River").

Orphanage Robbery"), Crooked Miners (never actually seen, "The Captive
Castaways"), Indians ("The Great Orphanage Robbery"), Moose ("The
Great Orphanage Robbery"), Mounties ("The Great Orphanage Robbery").

	IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Minnie Mouse has American Indian
friends on the Palumawalsy Indian reservation.  She boarded there
while Mickey was a logger at the Hidden River Logging Company.  Minnie
disguised herself as an Indian for some of that time, and tribe
members played along with her ruse to keep Mickey from finding out she
had followed him to Hidden River.  Minnie gave herself the name
"Little Star" during that time.
	The Mounted Police spent a great deal of time trailing Mickey
during the story "The Great Orphanage Robbery," but this was not
corrupt behavior on their part; Mickey had been framed for a theft by
Sylvester Shyster, so was taken for a criminal by the Mounties.

"The Great Orphanage Robbery", "The Mystery at Hidden River".


	PLACES: England ("The Moook Treasure"*), Ireland ("The Magic
Shoe"* and "The Moook Treasure"*), Mazumia (MM 256*), Medioka
("Monarch of Medioka"), Nazi Germany ("The War Orphans"* and "Mickey
Mouse on a Secret Mission"), Truffleberg (capital of Medioka, "Monarch
of Medioka"), Turkey ("The Moook Treasure"*).

	SITES: Medioka Customs Office ("Monarch of Medioka"), [King
Michael's] Palace ("Monarch of Medioka").

	NATIVE HEROES: [Count] Bullfiddle ("High Society"), [Count] De
Sheckels ("Monarch of Medioka"), [Duke] De la Puche ("Monarch of
Medioka"), [Duke] Feline (MM 256*), [Count] Gryphon ("Monarch of
Medioka"), [King] Michael XIV ("Monarch of Medioka"), [Princess]
Phylline ("Monarch of Medioka"), Royal Chef ("Monarch of Medioka"),
Sentry ("Monarch of Medioka"), [King] Tapiocus VI (MM 256*), Truffle
Farmer ("Monarch of Medioka").

	NATIVE VILLAINS OR ANTAGONISTS: [Sub Commander] Bercht ("Pluto
the Spy Catcher"*), [Duke Varlott's] Henchman ("Monarch of Medioka"),
Nazis, [Duke] Varlott ("Monarch of Medioka").

	IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Count Bullfiddle, a famous British
millionaire, was referred to several times in the early story "High
Society," although he was never actually shown.
	Mickey Mouse travelled to Nazi Germany in several World War II
stories as a member of the Secret Service, and while there he
combatted various Nazis.  Nazi subcommander Bercht was captured on an
American battleship docked in Mouseton, although it was made clear
that he had escaped from Germany.

Shoe"*, "Mickey Mouse on a Secret Mission", MM 256 ("The Mystery of
Tapiocus VI"*), "Monarch of Medioka", "Pluto the Spy Catcher"*, "The
War Orphans"*.


	PLACES: Aita Klah Kurfu ("The Foreign Legion"), Island Some
Place By Africa (off the West African coast in "An Education for
Thursday"), Mombasa (in Kenya, "In Search of Jungle Treasure"),
Nairobi (in Kenya, "In Search of Jungle Treasure"), Robinson Crusoe's
Island ("Mickey Mouse and Robinson Crusoe").

	SITES: Condor Lines Shipyard ("In Search of Jungle Treasure"),
Foreign Legion Headquarters (in Aita Klah Kurfu, "The Foreign
Legion"), Jujubwa Jungle (in Kenya, "In Search of Jungle Treasure"),
Tefir Touh Hotel (in Aita Klah Kurfu, "The Foreign Legion").

	NATIVE HEROES: Abdomah ("In Search of Jungle Treasure"),
Friday ("Mickey Mouse Meets Robinson Crusoe" and "An Education for
Thursday"), Gorillas ("In Search of Jungle Treasure"), M'jumjo
(elephant, "An Education for Thursday"), Spooks the Gorilla, Thursday
("An Education for Thursday"), Tom Tibbins ("In Search of Jungle

	NATIVE VILLAINS OR ANTAGONISTS: Jujubwa Cannibals ("In Search
of Jungle Treasure"), Policemen ("The Foreign Legion").

	IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Spooks the Gorilla was once owned by an
African sailor, "Cap" Hazzard, who buried a vast hoard of treasure in
the Jujubwa jungle.  Later, the tame ape became the pet and confidante
of Mickey's friend Captain Churchmouse.  Gifted with an understanding
of human speech (although unable to speak himself), Spooks sometimes
lives at home in the jungle (where Mickey left him) and sometimes
returns to Tom Timmins' home in Nairobi (near the jungle) where he can
join the Churchmouse family in their travels.  The story "In Search of
Jungle Treasure" describes how Spooks led Mickey to the treasure that
"Cap" Hazzard had buried.

"In Search of Jungle Treasure", "Mickey Mouse in the Foreign Legion",
"Mickey Mouse Meets Robinson Crusoe".


APPENDIX 1: VILLAINOUS PLACES.  Indexed alphabetically and
cross-referenced by place-category.

	Cannibal Island (F), Cave-Man Island (F), Dead Man's Isle (D),
[Dr. Vulter's uncharted] Island (F), Jujubwa Jungle (K), Lost Hope
(G), Mekkakia (D), Nazi Germany (J), Plunderville (C), [Communist]
Tibet (H).

STORIES. (From the earlier lists, but here all grouped together.)

	Abie (seal, "Circus Roustabout"), Adam (giraffe, "Circus
Roustabout"), Agnes (lion, "Goofy and Agnes"), Algernon (mule, "Mickey
Mouse in Death Valley"), Barney the Whale ("Mighty Whale-Hunter"),
[Ferocious] Bear ("Lost on a Desert Island"), [Friendly] Bear ("The
Great Orphanage Robbery"), [Trained] Bear ("Mickey Mouse and the
Gypsies"), Black Lightning (greyhound, "Pluto the Racer"), Bobo the
Elephant, Bombo (monkey, "Circus Roustabout"), Capistrano (cow, "Billy
the Mouse"), Charlie Horse ("Circus Roustabout"), Corporal Gee-Eye
("Pluto the Spy Catcher"*), Cygnets ("Lost on a Desert Island"),
Dinosaurs ("Land of Long Ago"), Ellsworth the Magpie (4/30/50 and many
Scarpa stories*), Fifi (in German, Minnie's huge dog in Jan. 1931
gags), [Friendly] Gorillas ("In Search of Jungle Treasure"), Growlio
(gorilla, "Hoppy the Kangaroo"), Hoppy the Kangaroo, King Silver
(horse, "Billy the Mouse"), Knothead (horse, "Billy the Mouse"), Lion
("Lost on a Desert Island"), M'jumjo (elephant, "An Education for
Thursday"), Moose ("The Great Orphanage Robbery"), Nesting Mother Bird
("Lost on a Desert Island"), Old Soakh (camel, "The Sacred Jewel"),
Oscar the Ostrich, Pflip the Thnuckle-Booh*, Pluto, Royal Crocodile
("The Pirate Ghostship"*), Saber-Toothed Tiger ("The Land of Long
Ago", Salamander (goat, "Oscar the Ostrich"), Shadow (in German, rabid
ape, "Mickey Mouse Boxing Champion"), Snookums (valuable dog, "Society
Dog Show"), Snoopnose (bloodhound, "The Foreign Legion"), Spooks the
Gorilla, [unnamed] Squirrel ("Mr. Slicker and the Egg Robbers"),
Steamboat (horse), Storks ("Lost on a Desert Island"), Tanglefoot,
Tapioca (horse, "The Bar-None Ranch"), Terry (puppy, "Pluto's Rival"),
Tiger ("Lost on a Desert Island"), Umbrage (gorilla, "Mickey Takes
Umbrage"*), Warpaint (horse, "The Bar-None Ranch"), Whale ("The Pirate
Ghostship"), Wienie (dachshund, "Lost on a Desert Island" and
"Mr. Slicker and the Egg Robbers"), Zowie (greyhound, "Pluto the

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