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Gianfranco Goria

[By himself:]

Born in Bruneck (South Tirol, Italy) on August 3, 1954. He lives and works in Turin (Torino, Piedmont, Italy). He works in the comics field, as a creator (he created the BABs and many other characters), as a script-writer (for some colleagues and sometimes for The Walt Disney company), as a drawer, and as a comics divulger (he teaches in several schools and universities, organizes meetings, gives lectures etc.). He was one of the founders of the Italian cartoonists society Anonima Fumetti in 1982 and of the new Anomina Fumetti in 1993, founded to promote the comics literature and its authors. He has been also founder of the Franco Fossati Foundation, the Italian Union for comic artists, the Italian national centre for comic art Centro Nazionale del Fumetto, the daily news agency afNews and worked for the establishment of an Italian Comics Museum.

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