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Wijo Koek

Email address: <wijo@euronet.nl>

A resumé from Wijo Koek himself

My name is Wijo Koek, born 1958, and worked for the Dutch Donald Duck magazine from 1976 till about 1985. And although I was a writer, I sketched out all the stories which were then, after approval of the editors (Daan Jippes, Thom Roep) sent to the various artists. (Dick Matena, Carol Voges, Michel Nadorp and sometimes a Spanish artist). I wrote mainly stories which were popular in The Netherlands, but not in the USA, and therefore not in large quantities available from 'the source' (Walt Disney USA): Dumbo, Br'er Rabbit, Little Hiawatha, Li'l Bad Wolf, Bucky Bug, etc. But also the odd Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse-story.

These stories were, after being published in The Netherlands, sold to other countries (esp. Denmark).

On H 83084

[Notes from Wijo Koek himself on the writing of H 83084.]

This story was concieved in the early '80 (1983?) using a Commodore VIC-20, believe it or not! It was my first (and so far only) attempt in producing a 'Computer-Assisted-Plot'.

First, i compiled a small database, consisting of several random situations, conflicts, actions and counteractions. Fragments of sentences like: 'Brer Rabbit Goes To..", "Meanwhile At..." Etc. A simple BASIC program then shuffled the sentences and presented me with composed statements. Because they were completely randomized, it took quite some 'shuffling' before an array of sentences actually made sense.

The sentence that triggered off this particular story of Brer Rabbit 'Feestje' ('Party') went something like: 'Brer Rabbit Throws A Party.... But... He Has Another Date'.

It took me not too long to come up with the following plot: 'Brer Rabbit trows a party for his friends. Everybody is having a good time. But Brer Rabbit feels a bit guilty because he himself is being invited at another party that evening. Then some of the guests remind Brer Rabbit that there are not enough drinks for everybody. Brer Rabbit does some fast thinkin'. Finally he decides to go to the other party, while bringing his own guests along, killing two birds with one stone in the process: he can attend the second party, and he supplies his guests with enough drinks!

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