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DCML: Geïllusteerde Pers

[Facts from Harry Fluks:]

In Holland, they started to make an occasional Disney story in 1953. From 1965-1969, they let the Toonder Studios make four-page stories with Li'l Bad Wolf and Hiawatha. Harry says that these stories are very Dutch, and that he thinks that no foreigner would understand them.

In 1969, the publisher Geïllustreerde Pers (= Illustrated Press) started its own production.

In 1972, GP was renamed to Oberon; about 1990, the Disney part of Oberon became GP again.

Story codes

The first stories produced by GP, from 1969 onwards, had story codes beginning with GP. In 1971, they started to code the stories with an H instead (= Holland).

From 1969 to 1972, the stories were only numbered by character, e.g., GP-MM-1 (= GP's first story with Mickey Mouse).

From 1973 to 1978, the stories were numbered by year and character, e.g., H-DD-7418. (In Gladstone reprints the `DD' was removed from the code, yielding H 7418.)

Since 1979, the stories are numbered by year only, e.g., H 7934 (= story #34 from 1979).

Note that the story is assigned with the script is made -- the art may be made later. An example is Jippes's first 10-page Duck story. It has the code H DD 7418 as it was written in 1974, even though it was not until 1977 that he drew it (and Ben Verhagen inked it).

For information on the normalized story codes in the Inducks, see this page on Harry Fluks's Bolderbast site. Note that the story code conversions done by the web searches don't handle all formats of the H codes, so you may have to use the Inducks codes more or less literally.

Dutch artists

Famous "Dutch" artists are Daan Jippes, Freddy Milton (a Dane), Ben Verhagen, Mau Heymans, Volker Reiche and Jan Gulbransson (both Germans).

Last updated February 18, 1999.

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