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The Inducks is a world-wide index of Disney comics, with information on who created the various comics in them. It is distributed with its own licence.

Harry Fluks is in charge of this database, and contributions should be sent to him. More information is available at his Bolderbast site.



Publications from the USA.


Austria, Belgium, Chech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Yugoslavia.


Australia, Brazil, China, Colombia, Egypt, Guyana, Israel.

Other ways of using the Inducks

The files
You can download most of the Inducks files from here. There you will find formatted files with information about a specific country's publications (for instance for the USA, Sweden, France), and stories produced by a specific country (for instance Denmark, Holland, France). These files are usually very big, but they contain complete information.
Fran├žois Willot's COA/Inducks search engine
DCD Browser
A MS Windows program by Bent Pedersen for looking up things in the DcD. It is available from Bent's pages. You need the internal files for that, with names ending with .ins, .ine and .dbl).

Creator indexes

Creator indexes are available from the creator pages.

Last updated January 25, 2003.

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