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DCML: The Disney Comics mailing list

The Disney comics mailing list is a discussion list on Disney comics open for anyone. It's not associated with the Disney company in any way, nor with any of the publishers of Disney comics around the world.

Note that this list is not the place for discussion on Disney animation, Disney theme parks, or anything about Disney except Disney comic books and Disney comic strips. If you are interested in the contents of these web pages you will probably be interested in the mailing list as well, but otherwise probably not.

Subscription information

To subscribe to the list it is easiest to use the web interface. From there you can also access the archives of the mailing list.

To unsubscribe, also use the web interface. If you forget the details (such as your password) it will probably not matter much, because you will receive monthly reminders by email.

If you want to change your subscription address, first unsubscribe the old address and then subscribe the new address. It is currently not possible to change the address of an existing subscription.

Digests versus individual messages

The default is digest subscriptions. That means that you won't get the individual messages sent to the list but instead (sometimes rather large) digests containing everything sent since the last digest. Normally they'll be sent out at once a day.

Contributing to the list

To contribute to the list you first have to be subscribed to it. (So please send messages from the same address as you are subscribed with.) Before you post your own messages to the list, please read this text about things to think about before posting.

Archive information

The current incarnation of the Disney Comics Mailing List is the third.

The first one (up to and including November 1995) is still archived here.

The archives of the second incarnation is currently unavailable.

The current archives are available from the the main list info page.


Some of the members of the list have made introduc(k)tions of themselves, so you know who you are conversing with on the list.

Last updated June 19, 2000.

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