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Tis Sep 25 23:47:44 CEST 2012

Fråga mig inte hur den här människan fick tag på min e-postadress och fick
för sig att jag är en Disney-expert (det kanske är fler som har fått samma
meddelande?), men ämnet är under alla omständigheter intressant. Jag
vidarebefordrar det i förhoppning att någon annan kanske kan hjälpa.


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Subject: PhD in comics and its translation in the Arab World
From:    "aseel abudayeh" <asouleh86 at yahoo.com>
Date:    Tue, September 25, 2012 4:16 pm
To:      "ekman at lysator.liu.se" <ekman at lysator.liu.se>

Good evening sir Ekman,
My name is Aseel Abudayeh, I am a PhD student in translation at the
university of Malaga/Spain. In the current time I am doing my research
about the comics and its translation in the Arab world, concentrating
mainly in the case of Disney and Marvel´s comics. Since you are a  Disney
comics expert, I would kindly ask you for your help in this field, in case
you have any studies, researchs, articles or any other kind of
publications concerning the subject. Your opinion related to the subject
would be extremely helpful for my investigation.
Thank you a lot for your cooperation.
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