German Ducks (Schatztruhe, Auto Albums)

Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at
Mon Aug 10 12:04:01 CEST 1992

Next is a list of German duck stories from the series
"Abenteuer aus Onkel Dagoberts Schatztruhe":

Nr  Code       Ned    Pg    Title

1              DA.02  -44-  der regengott von uxmal
2              DA.04  -44-  weisses gold vom matterhorn
3   GA 3-84    DA.05  -44-  der ausflug nach key west
4   GA 4-85    DA.10  -44-  picasso-raub in barcelona
5   Eh DAA 5   DA.15  -44-  fuenfmal grand canyon und zurueck
6   D 88067           -44-  der tartan der familie duck

I think the artwork is done by Adolf Kabatek (his name is in album 6).
I have a German version of #1 and #6. In the column 'Ned' the dutch reprints
of the stories (DA = "Dubbel Album"); #6 is never reprinted in Holland.

The 'Code' is the code I found in my (mostly Dutch) copies of the stories.
'Eh' stands for Ehapa Verlag.
Apparently, the last story is done for Gutenberghus, since it has a D-code.

There seems to be an other German album series, about cars (D.A.A., which
I think means Duck Auto Album). The code 'Eh DAA 5' should be an error,
since the story appeared in the "Schatztruhe" series.
In holland, one story is published that could have its origin in the
DAA-series. It is about "the oldest car in the world" and is drawn by
Jan Gulbrandsson. I saw a German ad for D.A.A. #3, so at least 3 albums
must have been published in this series.

Who can help me answering the next questions:

1. Is my "schatztruhe"-list complete?
2. What stories appeared in the "DAA"-series and who drew them?

Harry Fluks
Leidschendam, Nederland (= Holland)
H.W.Fluks at
(So, my first mailing to the Disney-list. It will certainly not be the last..)

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