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Boy, have I got alot to answer for! :)

First let me say thank you Per for the corrections to my spelling (I guess
you've figured out what one of my strong points is -NOT!).  Anyhow, that sort
of input is invaluable to me while I am composing these manuscripts.  Unfort-
unately, at the moment I am without a multitude of my aids.  I just moved and
virtually everything is packed away (including my comics, *sniff* :( as well
as simple things like dictionaries and all the books of my great Disney
Library!).  However, as you can see, my Computer and modem are already up and
'working :).  Now on to answers.

Ronnie:  Please do.  Any help, no matter how small you might think, will be
of great help to me and whoever else wants to help out in this task.  I would
think there might be a great deal of assistance you could provide, even just
giving your point of view (i.e. the format the list should use, what kind of
data should be included, and what is factual and what is not type input.

Per:  Gee, I better just curl up to my computer for the night for you :) You've
given me a good deal to tackle.  Lets see where I can start.

1)  The D-code stuff was pretty interesting.  I think I had heard something
about it once a long time ago, but it did not make any sense so I just forgot
all about it.  Thanx. :)

2)  The mix-up about what books/stories were printed where is do to my complete
lack of knowledge concerning the extra-U.S.A. marketplace.  Thank you for
clearing that up, too.

3)  You are welcome about the John Grant item (go get him with his errors :)

4)  If I usnderstood your reference to different universes and natural parts
I think I agree.  As far as the characters from Tailspin go, I personally
believe that although they have a striking resemblance to the characters in
JUNGLE BOOK and are indeed fashion after them, they really do exist in two
different worlds.  And since the TAILSPIN world is a continuing one it
seems to make more sense to me that the names be carried over into both
universes.  I guess you might say they serve as an exception to the rule
(kinda like the MINNIE 'n ME & DISNEY BABIES universes do).  While it is true
that Baloo, Louie and Sher Kahn all skeak in Jungle Book, they certainly
didn't wear costumes and run any businesses in the jungle (unless I missed
something the first twenty times I watched JB). (skeak = speak, I cannot
edit on my modem).  The same applies to Figaro.  While it is true that he is
indeed based on the cute little kitty from PINOCCHIO, he is definitely not
the same cat!  Figaro in PINOCCHIO was cute and playful and owned by Gepetto.
The Figaro in the animated shorts (of which he was occasionally the star)
which co-starred Minnie, Mickey and Pluto, was definitely not the same cat.
This one is much more spiteful and vicious.  I still like him, though.  This
Figaro seems to have two different owners.  Mostly he is said to be Minnie's
pet in both animation and comics, but I do have a comic which shows him to
be owned by Daisy (if you are still interested, when I can dig into my comics
I will tell you the name and issue of that story, though it had to do with
the Nephews trying to enter Figaro into a Pet Show to win money, only it was
a Dog Show and it turned out pretty bad for them).  Maybe Mad Madam Mim is
another exception to this rule (help me out, I'm not certain on this one).
BTW, if Daisy were confirmed to be Figaro's owner that would answer my query
about what the name of the gray kitty is that is Daisy's pet in MINNIE 'n ME.

Certainly the temperment is similar if not the coloring, but the coloring
could just be a symptom of Disney's attempt to use more appealing colors
and the fact that all of the characters are slightly age regressed.  I don't
really know on that one.

5) You asked who several character were.  Let me see how much help I can be
without any of my references.

  PETER (Percy) PIGG.  He is definitely one and the same from the Wise Little
Hen cartoon.  Even though that was his first appearance (and Donald's) it was
NOT his last.  He was seen in several other early stories, but his character
quickly faded.  I think it had something to do with the obesity issue and that
it was too much of a copy of Warner Bros. Porky Pig.  Anyhow, he was the tuba
player in the Band Concert (?cartoon name) and several others.  Last time I
actually saw him was in MICKEY'S CHRISTMAS CAROL.  He and Patricia were seen
at the dance while Scrooge was visiting his past.  Oh and Grandma Duck was there

  PATRICIA PIGG.  As I said earlier, her fate suffer the same as Peter's.  She
was always Peter's hefty girlfriend in the background.  As I understand the
literature I've read about them, they were suppose to be Mickey & Minnie's
barnyard pals along with Horace, Clarabelle and Madame Cluck, only the others
fared a little (if not much) better.

  MONTMORENCY.  The spelling error was mine (sorry again).  This was/is Donald's
pet dog during a time while the Nephews were living with him.  I've seen the
pooch in several stories which is why I have listed him, but as to any real
particulars I don't have any.  I think BOLIVAR (?sp) has probably a more
defined background.  Sorry about not being more help on this one.  Anyone else
know some more trivia on Montmorency that just the fact that he was/is a pet
of Donald's?

  GREMLIN GUS.  This one, too, is not real well known by me.  I believe he
originated in Donald Duck stories about WWII.  The gremlins were supposedly
these little creatures that caused machinery to malfunction (especially
airplanes) and they bothered Donald.  Though, apparently, they graduated to
their own featurettes in WDC&S (usually one pagers).  Gremlin Gus was, I guess
just one of the more prominent gremlins.  Anyone else know more??

  AUNT AGATHA MOUSE.  SHe is Mickey's (or his newphew's) aunt.  I've read a
few stories with her in it.  I've also seen her in some of those far too high
priced comics at comic shops.  Details are vague on her, too.

I'm not real good on this which is why (except for Peter & Patricia Pigg) I
wouldn't care to write Who's Who (or HooZoo) entries on any of those you've
inquired about.  I mostly listed them because I've seen them more than a few
times, but not necessarily because I know a lot about them.  I wish that John
Grant's book could/would cover comics also.  In fact, there's quite a few
from my list I wish someone could fill me in about.  Was Minnie's Uncle
Mortimer Mouse married?  If so I thought I read that Agatha was her name, too.

If you feel that Eli Squinch, Fethry Duck and especially Captain Churchmouse
and Spooks the Gorilla belong on the list, it is as good as done :)

I take it you already knew who charcters like Dim-Witty, Weasel, Eega Beeva
and others are?  I am familiar with them, but not their entire background.

6)  There was something else you said, but it escapes me at the moment (it's
about 1:00am here so I gotta log off for now. :)

Adios all (for now)


"A dream is a wish your heart makes when you're fast asleep" -Cinderella

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