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For those who are wondering about what this thread's about:  When Carl
Barks retired from doing comic books in 1966 he started painting in
oil in his newly acquired free time, mostly landscapes.  Then some
years later a fan asked him to do a Donald Duck in oil, and Disney,
miraculously enough, okayed it.  Some years later (1976) Disney told
Barks that he no more was allowed to do paintings with Disney
characters.  Then he continued in this new somewhat cartoony style
with ducks and other waterfowl that weren't Disney characters.

In 1980 the luxury book _Uncle Scrooge McDuck His Life and Times_
appeared from Another Rainbow, with a signed lithograph "Wanderers of
Wonderlands" by Barks with every copy, so Another Rainbow had made
some deal with Disney so that Barks once more was allowed to do
paintings with Disney characters.  From 1982 on Another Rainbow has
been releasing lithographs made from Barks paintings.

And now, the answers to some of Harry's questions:

me> (Or is that one ["The Makings of a Fish Story"] the "no one will
me> ever believe this" in your list?)
Harry> Yes, it is. I read (in the CBL, I think) that the painting was
Harry> re-titled, for the Japanese market. I can't remember why...

Ah, yes.  It's in CBL VI, p.550.  They didn't think the Japanese would
understand the original title!

> You seem to know the 13 paintings you mentioned. So: what is the orientation
> of 'Morgan' and 'Money Lake'?

They are all reproduced in b/w and very small in the article in The
Barks Collector I referred to.  Both of them have "landscape"

Earlier this year I got an ad for a new lithograph made from an oil
on a scene from US10a (The Fabulous Philosopher's Stone) btw.  The
seller called it something in Swedish which translated back into
English would be "The Magic Stone".  "Portrait" orientation.
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