How I missed Rosa, more or less

Per Starb{ck starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE
Tue Nov 3 20:43:25 CET 1992

I thought I would report on what Rosa said last weekend when he
attended a con here in Sweden, but unfortunately I didn't see much of
him.  He was busy doing drawings for people most of the time, but at
Sunday four o'clock he was to talk about his series of stories on
Uncle Scrooge's youth.  There were not only comics there, but lots of
games and stuff too, and at noon I entered the Swedish championship in
the game Rummicube.  Not that I've played it a lot, but I thought it
was cool to be in a Swedish championship.  (There were only twelve
contestants, and I knew four of the other btw!)

Anyway I still hadn't lost when Rosa gave his speech, so I simply
missed it.  The other Disney-related guest there was a Finn whose name
now escapes me and who's done some covers for Disney, but I missed him
too because of that Rummicube tournament (as well as Bill

Maybe someone else who was there (Anders, Greger, Hakan, Joakim,
Johan, am I missing anyone?) could tell us if he said anything

As far as I've gathered, the first two parts of US's youth *are*
published in Denmark and/or Norway, but *not* in Sweden as the editors
didn't like it.  The third part will be published in all the weekly
Scandinavian Disney books later this year (#47?).
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