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Harry Fluks asked:
> (I know that Bob Foster went to Denmark, but what is Egmont?)

That is the just the new name of Gutenberghus.  I don't know why they
changed the name.

> A message for whoever wants to keep the Dutch Rosa-list up-to-date:

I've added that to my copy, as well as a couple of Scandivian items:
 o The Son of the Sun was in the Scandinavian weeklies 28/1992.
 o The Master Landscapist was reprinted in "Bild & Bubblas andra
seriebok" (with the two last pages exchanged!)

What I would like is some info on new Rosa stories, like the "Uncle
Scrooge's youth" stories, of which I think parts one and two already
are published in Norway and/or Denmark.  The only Rosa stories in the
index that aren't published in the USA yet are:

Code    USA          Repr   NL     Scan      Pg  Title [+ remarks]
D 90161                     X91-11 K91-22    12  DD (satellite catcher)
D 91071                     X92-04 K91-42(S) 14  US (isle on the edge of time)
D 91076                     X92-10 K92-06    11  DD Super Snooper Strikes Again
D 91192                     X92-09 K91-45/47 27  US (war of the wendigo)
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