The Little Mermaid & The Disney Character Encyclopedia rich.bellacera at
Wed Nov 25 18:38:00 CET 1992

Is anyone on either of these lists real familiar with the DTA Saturday
Morning Little Mermaid series?  Here in San Jose California we have only
just started receiving the show broadcasted on local Channel 20 (KOFY).
Prior to that it was only on channel 46 (?) which wasn't readily accessible.
Anyhow, I really like this show.  Having only caught the "Whale of a Tale"
episode previously I was still impressed by the animation, however I felt the
characterizations and stories were a tad contrieved.  Now that I have seen
upwards to 4 episodes I've reconsidered my first impression.  The stories are
still a bit juvenile, but they are quite well done.  They seem to be true to
the same stylings as that which was portrayed in the Little Mermaid limited
comic series a year ago.  I've also found several digest sized storybooks
(with some illustrations in B&W) which seem to reflect the series quite well.
There was also a hardbound book which had more adventures of TLM and full
color illustrations (can be found at the Disney Stores).  One of the digest
stories told about Countessa Peal (daughter of Countess Oystera, a rather
large dignitary).  I caught the episode (last Saturday?) called "Red" and it
had an appearance by Pearl there too.  Since I missed so many past episodes of
TLM can someone fill me in on some of the regular re-occurring characters like
Mobster Lobster, Urchin, Pearl, and others.  Also, in the digest books Ariel's
favorite seahorse to ride is named "Crystal."  Does this horse appear in the
series too?

Thank you.

Also, I have been regularly checking with the local bookstores for John
Grant's "Encyclopedia of Walt Disney's Animated Characters".  It has been told
to me by them that it was due out some time in November.  Well, it's nearly
the end of November and they tell me it is still "unavailable".  Does anyone
know what's up?


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