Herbert (how about "Hunky"?)

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Wed Oct 7 16:40:00 CET 1992


I would definitely agree about Herbert.

Now that you mention it I too recall seeing him in atleast two stories, but
your knowledge is invaluable concerning specific appearances.

My impression of the lad is that he is a sad, sad, sad child.  He always looks
so tired or depressed.  He seems to be a troubled child (by appearance), long
droopy rings under his eyes, unkept hair, slouched shoulders, etc.

He's definitely not very bright (as you point out). Does he have a last name?

Since you mention him, I thought of another kid, of the anthropomorphized dog
or bear type.  His name is "Hunky" and I was wondering if my recollection of
him having appeared more than a few times is accurate.  The only story I
recall off hand is one where the Nephews and he are playing in the snow.  The
happily agree to a contest of "who can build the best snowman."  Meanwhile,
Clarabelle gives Pluto a bone.  He is soon attacked by Butch the Bulldog.
Somehow Pluto looses the bone (I think he tried to hide it), but Hunky finds
the bone and uses it as his snowman's nose.  Pluto sees it and an insuing
struggle removes the bone and Hunky gets upset.  Ooooops!  You know what, I
got the Nephews mixed up.  The Nephews in question are Morty & Ferdie.
Anyhow, are there any other stories that include "Hunky"?  I also got the
impression that Hunky is Butch's  master.  If he isn't who is?  I always
tought that Bad Pete should be Butch's master (same disposition).

Herbert is definitely added to the list (thanx).


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