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> Characters of great importance I feel would be worthy of covering are:
> (...)
> As for relatively insignificant recurring characters, anyone who wishes to
> submit a short 'blurb' about the character (like the one Starback did) please
> do so.  Perhaps someone could compile these, too and then they could be peiced
> together in alphabetical order.

Perhaps the "important" characters are most worthy of being covered,
but information on lesser characters might be fun too, as one might
wonder who all these characters are.  Especially those only appearing
in comics, as you won't find them in Grant's Encyclopedia.

Don't worry about the compilation of those blurbs.  I still archive
everything sent to disney-comics, and if we *do* get some of those, I
wouldn't mind digging through the archives to collect them.

On Herbert:
> Now that you mention it I too recall seeing him in atleast two stories,

The same two?  In the first one I listed (WDC 43) HDL and Herbert vow
to never take another bath.  Unfortunately Herbert is taken away by
his mother to get a bath, so only the three of HDL remain.  The rest
of the story is about Donald trying to give a bath to HDL.  The second
one I listed (WDC 50) is a story where Donald collects coins.
Accidentally he gives an old valuable dime to the nephews when they
ask for money for ice cream for them and Herbert.  The rest of the
story is about Donald trying to trace that dime and get it back.

> He's definitely not very bright (as you point out). Does he have a last name?

I don't think so.  Not in those stories I listed anyway.

Sorry, can't help with "Hunky".
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