K. D. Rosa

Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at research.ptt.nl
Thu Sep 17 15:21:58 CEST 1992

Per writes:

(about the two first Rosa story ideas, 'Ghast Cow' and 'The money pit')

me> Which story could that [Ghast Cow] be?
> Dunno.  My only guess is that whoever transcribed that interview got it
> wrong.  Could it be "Cash Flow"?  Not very sound-a-like, but it's the
> closest thing I can think of.

I actually meant the story 'The money pit'. Byron said it was too much like an
old story. I wondered what old story that could be.

> There is some Barks story where HDL try to look
> something up, and don't find it in the Guidebook.  They say "that
> means that noone every knew about it" or words to that effect, and
> later add that they will mention this to their superior so that it can
> be added to later editions of the Guidebook.  Do I remember this
> right?  I can't remember what story it was, so I can't check it.

I don't know now, but maybe I can look it up. My first guess is a Junior
Woodchuck (script-only) story. Probably wrong.

Harry Fluks.
"Look! A fact that's NOT in our Junior Woodchuck Guidebook and reservoir of
inexhaustible knowledge!"
(Huey in the library of Tralla-la)

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