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Sun Sep 27 14:30:00 CET 1992

O.K. Disney fans!

ITEM!  Coming soon to a comics shop near you from Disney Comics:

DINOSAURS a comic based on the popular T.V. show of the same name from
Henson-Disney Productions. I'm not sure if this is a "one-shot" comic or to
be a continuing series.

ALADDIN a graphic novel version of the movie of the same name.

New to DISNEY ADVENTURES comicstrips: GOOF TROOP.  The second and third
stories appeared in the latest issue VOLUME 3, Number 1 (why do they keep
doing that "volume thing?"). It is my hope that they will soon treat us to
all new stories about BONKERS & Fawn Deer and The MARSUPILAMI in the pages


A short while ago it was suggested that Donald's automobile should be
considered a full fledged "character" in my listing of "Re-ocurring
Characters." What name/number or whatever was it called?

This list has grown a little, especially in light of all the new Disney
Afternoon and Saturday Morning cartoons.

Is it too early to repost that list (with the suggested corrections)?

Also, are there any "other" additional characters that anyone believes I
should add since the last posting?

your help is valuable.  :)


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