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This list has been prepared by Richard Bellacera.


This listing is a fairly exhaustive compilation of current and recent, new and
some old Disney Characters based on the "mainstream" characters (i.e. Mickey,
Donald, Pluto, etc.), Syndicated cartoons (i.e. Ducktales, Tailspin, etc.), to
include subordinate characters with re-occuring roles.  This list is probably
not as complete as I'd like it to be and I welcome any possible suggestions,
alterations, etc. you may have (no flames please).  Some are Comic book/strip
related. Also, some characters like Donald Duck, Goofy, Bad Pete & Launchpad
fit several groupings so I limited their entry to the main grouping I believe
best suits them (except where the category disclaimer applies).  Characters
identified by a ~ mark have only appeared in comics thus far.

      DTA = Disney Television Animation        DC = Disney Comics


Mickey Mouse         Horace Horsecollar  Witch Hazel          Zeke Bad Wolf
Minnie Mouse         Clarabelle Cow      Beelzebub the Broom  Li'l Bad Wolf~
Donald F. Duck       Mme Clara Cluck     Dinah the Dachshund  Walter Wolf~
Daisy Duck           Percy (Peter) Pigg  Tanglefoot the Horse~Izzy/Pollo Wolf~
Pluto the Pup        Patricia Pigg       Dolores the Elephant Fiddler Pig
Fifi the Peke        Bootle Beetle       Ronnie the StBernard Fifer Pig
Morty Fieldmouse~    Bent-Tail           Sylvester Shyster~   Practical Pig
Ferdie Fieldmouse~   Bent-Tail, jr.      Eega Beeva~          Stef Wolf~
Maisie(?) Mouse*~    April Duck~         Pflip(Thnuckle-Booh)~
(Tone?)   Mouse*~    May Duck~           Gloomy the mechanic~
Gus Goose            June Duck~          Colonel Doberman~
Grandma Duck         Dim-Witty Duck~     The Phantom Blot~
Ludwig von Drake     Moby Duck~          The Phantom Brat~    Buzz-Buzz Bee
Jose (Joe) Carioca   Porpy the Porpoise~ Doctor Einmug~       Max Hare
Panchito             Fethry Duck~        Uncle Mortimer Mouse~Toby Tortoise
Aracuan Bird         J.Audubon Woodlore  Aunt Agatha Mouse~   Jenny Wren
Butch the Bulldog    Humphrey the Bear   Professor Ecks~      Brer Bear
Figaro the Kitten    Gremlin Gus~        Professor Doublex~   Li'l Bear Twins~
Pluto, jr.           Louie the Mtn Lion  Captain Churchmouse~ Eli Squinch~
Bianca the Goldfish  Milton the Cat      Spooks the Gorilla~  Brer Fox
Bolivar the Dog~     Farmer Bumpkins-dog~Chief Ohara~         Brer Rabbit
313 (Donald's Car)~  Dobbin  (GD horse)~ Neighbor Jones~      Molly Rabbit~

(NOTE:  According to one source, in GULLIVER MICKEY, 1934, Mickey's nieces &
nephews are listed as Morrie, Monty, Maisie, and Marmaduke.  The 1934 toon,
MICKEY'S STEAMROLLER introduced Morty & Ferdie.  Also Minnie's nieces (*) were
introduced in the comic book......?  Mickey and many of his friends are
residents of Mouseton, USA.).


Little Hiawatha         Bucky Bug     Bucky Jr.
Sunflower               June Bug      Mayor Bugg
Li'l Davey Crocket      Bo Bug        Gremlin Gus

(NOTE: Other characters such as Mad Madame Mim, Jaq & Gus-Gus, and Scamp will
be included in lists under their Feature Films (i.e. SWORD IN THE STONE,
CINDERELLA, and LADY & THE TRAMP).  This list is still in progress.  Bucky &
friends live in Bugsville.)

MINNIE 'n ME:                                |        DISNEY BABIES:
Minnie (mouse-girl)    Patty (pony-girl)     |        Mickey   Pete
Daisy (duck-girl)      T.J. (turtle-girl)    |        Minnie   Clarabelle
Penny (dog-girl)       Heather (hippo-girl)  |        Donald   Horace
Clarabelle (cow-girl)  Lilly (lamb-girl)     |        Daisy    Gus
Fifi (pet dog)         ?     (cat-girl)      |        Goofy    Cluck
Trixie (pet kitty)     ?  (Teacher/dog-lady) |        Pluto    Gyro

(NOTE:  Minnie 'n Me & the Disney Babies are currently merchandising lines of
characters designed for pre-teens and toddlers, respectively, and, of course,
their parents.  Also, it would seem that the trio of Minnie/Daisy/Penny are
comparable to that of Mickey/Donald/Goofy.  Category discaimer applies).


Roger Rabbit       Judge Doom         Smart Ass Weasel   (-non-animated-)
Jessica Rabbit     Lena Hyena         Psycho Weasel       Eddie Valiant
Baby Herman        Bonzo the Gorilla  Wheezy Weasel       Delores
Benny the Cab      Lenny the Plane~   Stupid Weasel       R.K. Maroon
Mel Box~           Winnie Weasel~     Greasy Weasel       Marvin Acme

(NOTE:  These characters are based on the movie "WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT" as
well as the theatrical featurettes and comics.  The non-animated characters
are not expected to repeat past the first or second full-length feature film.
Roger, Jessica and the others are residents of Toontown, USA).


Bumblelion      Hoppoptamus      Eleroo      Rhinokey       Croc
Butterbear      Woolrus          Tycoon      Pandeaver      Flizard
Moosel          Piggypine        Koalakeet   Skowl          Brat

(NOTE:  All of the above creatures live on an island called "Wuz", hense the
name Wuzzles.  Each is a composite animal: Bumblelion = Bummblebee & Lion, and
the last three are the island's resident villans.  Some of the voices behind
the characters were JoAnne Worley <Hopopotamus> and Henry Gibson <Eleroo>).


Christopher Robin         Rabbit           Eeyore       Gopher
Winnie the Pooh           Kanga            Owl          Oliver (?Owl's Nephew)
Piglet                    Roo              Tigger

(NOTE:  The last two characters are not characters from the A.A. Milne classic
children's books, but are Disney creations.  Winnie, Tigger and the rest all
live in the Hundred Acre Woods).


Grammi     Cubbi          Cavin (page)     Thornsberry*  Duke "Dukie" Igthorn
Zummi      Gusto          Princess Calla   Ursa*         Toadwart "Toadie"
Gruffi     Arty the Bird  King Gregor      Buddy*        Gad & Zooks the Ogres
Tummi      Sir Victor     Sir Tuxford      Gritty*       Lady Bane
Sonni                     Squire Unwyn                   Bungler the Troggle

(NOTE:  The characters identified by and asterisk (*) are Barbic Gummies whom
the Glen Gummies have encountered several times.  These live in the old Gummi
capitol city before the ancient Gummies fled across the ocean to New Gumbria).


Uncle Ezra Scrooge McDuck             Flintheart Glomgold
Huey Duck   <red shirt>               Magica de Spell
Dewey Duck  <blue shirt>              Minima de Spell (neice)~
Louie Duck  <green shirt>             Junior Woodchucks (boy scouts)
Mrs. Edna "Grammy" Beakley (nanny)    Chickadee Patrol (girl scouts)~
Webbigail "Webby" Vanderquack         Mrs. Featherby (Scrooge's Secretary)
Duckworth (valet)                     Glittering Goldie
Emil Eagle~                           Ma Beagle
Gyro Gearloose                        Beagle Boys (tags are mixed #s 176-176)
Little Helper (Gyro's microbot)        some of their names are:
Newton (Gyro's nephew)~                -BigTime<176-716>  ____________________
Fenton "Gizmo-Duck" Crackshell         -Bouncer<176-167>  | The Beagle Babes
M'Ma Crackshell                        -Burger<176-617>   |-Boom-Boom<382-238>
Gandra Dee                             -Bankjob<671-176>  |-Bouffant<767-171>
Bubba the Cave-Duck                    -Baggy<176-671>    |-BabyDoll<776-177>
Tootsie the Triceratop                 -BabyFace<167-761> |___________________
Gladstone Gander                       -Windsock <??>     | The Beagle Brats
Doofus "Super-Doo" Drake               -Bookworm <167-671>| aka Bullies (kids)
General Snozzie (JWs' Bloodhound)~    Ratty (The Beagles' Cat)~

(NOTE:  According to their FIRST 'toon appearance, the Donald Duck short
entitled DONALD'S NEPHEWS, 1938, the Nephews' mother is listed as "Dumbella",
Donald's sister. Uncle Scrooge and the cast of Ducktales live in Duckburg,


Chip Chipmunk (1 tooth/blk nose) Fat Cat           Mr. Klordane
Dale Chipmunk (2 teeth/red nose) Mole  (mole)      Professor Norton Nimnul
Monterey "Monty" Jack            Wart  (lizard)    Percy the Thug
Gadget Hackwrench                Mepps (cat)       Detective Drake
Zipper the Fly                   Snout (rat)       Plato the Policedog

(NOTE:  Chip 'n Dale were originally created as foils for Donald, but due to
tremendous requests they were soon granted their own cartoon shorts.  Now,
however they have graduated to a syndicated program.
Since most early accounts have Chip 'n Dale encountering Donald Duck it is
possible that they reside somewhere just outside or near Duckburg, though
their interaction with "humans" might actually suggest some other locale).


Baloo Bear                Louie the Ape      Shere Kahn
Kit Cloudkicker           Don Karnage        Buffy Van der Schneer
Rebecca Cunningham        Gibber             Hacksaw
Molly Cunngingham         Dumptruck          Klang
  a.k.a. "Dangerwoman"    Mad Dog            Colonel Spigot
Wildcat                   Ratchet            Sergeant Dunder

(NOTE:  The main characters of Baloo, Louie and even Shere Kahn originated
from the Disney classic THE JUNGLE BOOK.  It would appear that the role of
Mowgli has been replaced by Kit since he and Baloo use the familiar
affectionate nicknames of "Lil' Britches" and "Pappa Bear".
Rebecca manages an airfreight agency under the name "Higher for Hire" in the
city by the sea, Cape Suzette.  Baloo & Kit fly the plane The SeaDuck for the
Agency.  Louie the Ape manages a tavern and Shere Kahn is a magnate).


Drake Mallard (D.W.)      Taurus Bulba       Morgana MaCawber
Launchpad McQuack         Clovis (secretary) Archie the Spider
Gosalyn Waddlemeyer       Steelebeak         Eeek & Squeek the Bats
Honker Muddlefoot         Tuskerninni        Reginald Bushroot
Herb Muddlefoot           Splatter Phoenix   Spike the Man-Eating Plant
Binkie Muddlefoot         Liquidator         Opal Windbag
Tank Muddlefoot           Quackerjack        Webra Walters
Nega-Duck                 Moliarity          J.Gander Hooter,Director of SHUSH
Neptunia                  Hammerhead         Agent Gryzlikoff
Stegmutt                  MegaVolt           Doctor Bellum

(NOTE: This is the first "spin-off" series, having its roots in DUCKTALES.
Originally it was conceived as a James Bond-type show based on the character
"Double-0 Duck" that appeared in Ducktales, and the plan for Launchpad to move
to the new series was set from the start.  D.W. and the rest are residents of
the the spralling metropolis of St. Canard).


Goofy (a.k.a.:           Percy P. "Bad Pete" Percival    Weasel (Pete's pal)
  -Dippy Dawg@           Peg
  -George G. Geef#       P.J. (Pete, jr.)
  -SuperGoof*~           Pistol
  -Mighty Knight*~       Chainsaw the Dog
  -Sport Goofy*          Waffles the Cat
Penelope(Goofy's wife?)  Gilbert (Goofy's Nephew)~
Max (Goofy, jr.)         Wilbur the Grasshopper*

(NOTE:  Characters/names identified by an "*" signify names that do not
necessarily apply to the series GOOF TROOP, but they were included since they
are definitely part of Goofy's career in both animation and comics.  "@"
signifies the name by which Goofy was originally called during the beginning
of his career in both animation and comics, only later was it changed to
Goofy.  "#" signifies a name which Disney called Goofy in the many shorts
where he portrayed Mr. Average Middle-American Suburbanite.  SuperGoof is his
superhero name whenever he wears his red longjohns/blue cape after eating his
Super Goobers <peanuts> he keeps under his hat).   The premise of show GOOF
TROOP seems to be Goofy is a single father raising his son Max.  GOOF TROOP
picks up on the long-standing fued between Goofy & Bad Pete.  Pete is married
and he & his wife, Peg have two children P.J. and Pistol.  Max & P.J. are
best friends, and Max is a little uneasy about being known as Goofy Junior.
Traditionally Goofy has always lived in the same hometown as Mickey, but
according to the new series Goofy has moved to Spoonerville.


Bonkers B. Bobcat     Fawn Deer    Tonia the Pink Elephant  (Rambo-rooster)
Miranda Wright        Jitters      Grumbles the Grizzly

(NOTE:  Bonkers is an out-of-work toon-turned-detective.  Presumably he is
from Toontown in the tradition of Roger Rabbit.  His current career has led
him to team-up with the human, Miranda Wright).


Ariel                  Flotsum       Alana        one more sister?
Flounder               Jetsem        Adella
Sebastian                            Atina
King Triton                          Arista
Ursula the Sea-witch                 Adrina

This series is a prequel to the movie of the same name.



The Marsupilami      Spirou~       "Tasteless" Frog
Maurice the Ape      Fantasio~     Norman(?)

(NOTE: RAW TOONAGE is a variety showcase presenting cartoon shorts and music
videos on Saturday Mornings.  Characters listed in parentheses and labeled
according to their 'species' have yet to have their names revealed).

*******************************CUT HERE***************************************

The above listing still has several gaps.  If anyone has any comments of
corrections or even additions I would be happy to discuss them.

Please keep in mind the three qualifiers I have for this list is:

1) the character has appeared in a comic or cartoon more than twice, and/or
2) the character is above average in importance to other characters on the
   list (which may remove the necessity of qualifier #1).
3) Characters should not be included just because they are someone's favorite
   if they have had only one appearance and then are forgotten.

Thank you.  Your input would be most welcome.


P.S. Perhaps this list could qualify as a means to prevent some FAQs in the

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