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Wed Apr 14 10:34:00 CEST 1993

This is the first I've heard of "The Duck Who Fell to Earth" and "The Life
of Scrooge."  Can anyone tell more about these?  Have they already come out
?  If so, where and are they published in the U.S.?  Is the purpose of "The
Life of Scrooge" to present a chronological and ancestral look at the Duck
Clan?  Will it answer whether Donald & Daisy are related ;-)?

Another side thought which has nothing to do with anything whatsoever:

We already discussed the color scheme of HD&L (Red, Blue & Green) to which
there was indeed some dispute over validity and canonity.  Fair enough.
So, have the colors of April, May & June been in any way consistant?  It
appeared that thier colors somewhat paralleled HD&L, but at times I have
even seen them on the three remaining colors: Purple, Orange & Yellow,
though I never could tell what order they coresponded.  Webby is definitely
Pink.  In the case of AM&J I realize that, like HD&L, their colors were only
distinct in their shoes, bows and amulets, since they often wore black
dresses, just as HD&L often wear black shirts with on;y their baseball caps
displaying any color.  Daisy herself seems to fluctuate between Pink, Green
and ocassionally Yellow.  Poor Donald has only fluctuated between color
schemes of White & Blue, rarely ever taking off his sailor suit to become
a normal citizen...can you imagine if you had a neighbor who hadn't been in
the Navy for years yet still wore his sailor uniform (all the time).  Makes
me wonder if that didn't at least play into some of Daisy's indecision between
Don & Gladstone.


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