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> This is the first I've heard of "The Duck Who Fell to Earth" and "The Life
> of Scrooge."  Can anyone tell more about these?

In the Don Rosa index (ftp.lysator.liu.se:/pub/comics/disney/don-rosa)
you will find that The Duck Who Fell to Earth was published in Disney
Comics' DDA #37.

"The Life of Scrooge" is a twelve(?)-part story which Rosa still (?)
is working on for Egmont in Copenhagen.  The first five chapters are
published in Scandinavia, but the first two were never published in
Sweden so I haven't read them.  It's a story of Scrooge's life from
birth (I think), with lots of allusions to Barks stories.  The chapter
titles are "The Last of the Clan McDuck", "The Master of the
Mississippi", "The Buckaroo of the Badlands", "The King of the Copper
Hill" and "The New Laird of Castle McDuck".  They will certainly be
published by Gladstone, but don't hold your breath while you're

If you really want to know more about them I could tell you, but I
wouldn't want to spoil the stories for you non-Scandinavians.  (I
remember hinting at Rosa doing gross continuity errors in chapter 3

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There are still some old messages I've marked for replying to, like
Bill Taylor's and Harry Fluks's idea of a poll.  I'm sorry I didn't
list my faves, but it's really hard.

Here's a tentative top five list in the "long story" category (not

* Lost in the Andes
* Luck of the North
* Christmas for Shacktown
* The Golden Helmet
* Seven Cities of Cibola

Only one story in common with Bill, even though a couple of "his"
stories almost made it to my list.

Hm, when looking at that post by Bill Taylor I notice

> Indeed so. He [Flintheart Glomgold] has appeared in two comics.

Well...  Besides the two stories where they compete in who has the
most money (US 15 and US 27) Barks also used Flintheart in one later
story, "So Far and No Safari" (US 61), but of course it's not nearly
as good as the two first stories with him.  I saw that you compared
Flintheart to the dragon Smaug in rec.arts.tolkien by the way.
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