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Per Starb{ck starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE
Fri Apr 16 18:44:24 CEST 1993

I asked if anyone would be interested in getting the list as a digest.

Mark McConnell:
> My vote would be for a digest, but it is fun to read the individual 
> letters.  I think I'll be happy either way.

> I vote no.  I get digest lists from other mailing lists, and it makes it
> harder to respond to specific entries.  They also take up a lot of space. 
> Wouldn't this mean that the list would be moderated?  Who watches the
> watchmen?

I didn't mean a digest instead of the list as it is now, but just as
another option for those who'd like a smaller number of messages in
their mail boxes.  That is, some people would continue to get every
message as it is sent out, and some other people would get those
messages collected together once a day or something like that.

If *I* did that (of course anyone receiving the list could collect the
messages in bundles and send them out to a list of people) I wouldn't
moderate it at all, except perhaps deleting (un)subscription requests
erroneously sent to the list.

Favourite stories
> BTW: my own favourite story is "Christmas for Shacktown". Favourite
> 10-page story: The Cornelius Coot statue contest (WDC 126 or so).

Hmm...  That statue contest story won the 10-page category in Ken
Bausert's favourite stories poll too, and it surprised me then too.
It's a good story alright, but it wouldn't even be on my top-ten list
for ten-pagers (I don't know how that top-ten list looks though).
I my opinion Scrooge is better suited for long stories and the
ten-pagers are at their best when they are about something
down-to-earth like domestic quarrels between Donald and the boys.

Life of Scrooge
> The whole series is LOTS of fun for me, but I'm not sure if it isn't
> a colossal mistake; but I was "forced" into it when I was told that
> Disney Comics was going to undertake such a series, and (...)

Hmm...  In fact I don't like the parts I've read (3--5) as much as
your other stories, and I've been reluctant about the whole idea of a
Life of Scrooge series.  But that doesn't mean that there have been
some good moments in those stories and if it was to be done anyway,
I really appreciate that you are doing it, since I can't think of
anyone better suited for doing it and I get bad feelings thinking
about what could have become out of it in other hands.

> You have all the titles for the first parts correct... but you
> must have gotten them from Stefan, eh?

Yep.  (Stefan is Stefan Di"os, the translator of the Swedish ducks, for
those who don't know.)

> I handed out copies of the Norwegian edition of parts 1 & 2 there in
> Stockholm to NAFS(k)... didn't they show them around?

I must have been absent.  (I was for a long time.  I even missed your
speech there, *sigh*.)
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