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rich.bellacera@amail.amdahl.com rich.bellacera at amail.amdahl.com
Sat Apr 17 07:22:00 CEST 1993

Speaking of 'special people' who frequent the net and such, in the groups
where I have wandered I know of Tad Stones who is writer and editor for
the Disney Afternoon who is an active participant on the Ranger-List
(mailing list for the Disney Afternoon); various employees in various
capacities for the Disney Company who frequent the newsgroup 'rec.arts.
disney'; and Peter David, writer for various D.C. and Marvel comics,
as well as his own books.  Peter David lurks in the rec.arts.comic heirarchy
of related newsgroups (especially rec.arts.comics.xbooks which is dedicated
to "X-men" related titles).

I think it's totally awesome to have Mr. Rosa here with us. Tad Stones usually
keeps the Ranger-philes up-to-date on things happening at the Disney T.V.
Animation Studios with relation to up-coming Disney Afternoon and Saturday
Morning  programming, as does Peter A. David (PAD as he's called), will you be
able to  keep us Disney comics fans current with Disney comics-related plans?
(e.g., what future plans/marketing strategies will Gladstone/Disney be doing
in the future?  Will anymore Barksian, Rosan or other such charaters make a
television debut (a la "Ducktales") in the future?  What was the "real scoop"
behind the move from Gladstone to Disney back to Gladstone?  In fact these
should all be included in a FAQ for this group).

One tentative schedule has to do with the 1995 addition to the Disney
Afternoon line-up called "Duck Daze" which is a take-off of Donald raising
Huey, Dewey & Louie as teenagers, co-featuring Uncle $crooge, Prof. Ludwig von
Drake, and (supposedly) occasional guest appearances by cast members from Goof
Troop and Darkwing Duck.  In what final format this will accuate I don't know
yet.  Presumably it is still in it's pre-production phase (early planning).


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