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	Replies to comments in the "digest":

	Gladstone will publish no MICKEY MOUSE comics because they just don't sell. They are trying their best to keep Mickey alive in America 
by finding space for him in the rear of some DONALD comics. And they will publish no DUCKTALES or any other tie-ins to Disney TV shows; 
as a fan of Dell Disney comics and NOT of Disney in particular, I am completely apathetic towards those TV comics, so I'm glad to 
not see Gladstone waste time with them. Maybe Marvel will pick those up and they would probably know better how to produce material 
pleasing to the TV shows' juvenile audiences.

	The founding of Duckburg: between my "His Majesty McDuck" and part 10 of "The Life of $crooge", I tell pretty much the entire (Rosa) 
version of the history of Duckberg. The only facts that Barks ever mentioned about Duckberg is that it was founded by Cornelius Coot 
 and in 1961 there was a centennial celebration. I took this to mean that the city was not "incorporated" until many years after it 
was "founded"... or not until Calisota became a state? I have $crooge arrive in 1903, and Duckberg is still only about 3 shacks by then. 
Barks also stated that $crooge's bin is on the site of Fort Duckberg, which I also weave into my series.
	Disney comic editors who are women: actually, though she is a master colorist and very nice lady, the female editor at Disney comics 
was only moved into that position because everyone else QUIT. However, until just a few weeks ago, the editor-in-chief of Egmont's 
entire Disney division was a woman, and the editor of Sweden's branch of Egmont-Disney is a woman.
	Me and Holland: I only did some stuff for Oberon in between jobs at Gladstone. They don't produce a fraction of the amount of stuff 
as does world-spanning Egmont, so there was much more work (and better pay) for me at Egmont. The Dutch weren't too thrilled with my 
art, to their credit... but how did Harry Fluks know that??? Anyway, they must have some Dutch readers who like my weird-looking art 
since they always reprint everything I produce for Egmont.

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